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Galaxy S 4 Cannot Read Original TecTiles, New Ones Coming Soon

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a huge upgrade over its predecessor, and one of the things that was upgraded was the NFC chip. With the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, Google started using a Broadcom NFC chip instead of the NXP chips they always used. And Samsung went with it, replacing the old NXP PN544 with a Broadcom BCM2079x. While this chip supports more open… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Ships With 16GB Memory, Less Than 9 Usable

This story has been reported many times with many different devices, but this time it’s about the Samsung Galaxy S 4. As you probably know, the standard Galaxy S 4 model comes with 16GB of on board memory. And as most of us know, that is how much memory the physical chip has, not how much is available to the user. So people shouldn’t really be shocked… Read more

Sprint Receiving More Inventory Of Galaxy S 4 Units

It’s pretty well known that Samsung suffered a shortage of Galaxy S 4 units, leading both Sprint and T-Mobile to announce delays. To put customer worries to rest, Sprint has made an announcement that they have received inventory of Galaxy S 4 units and that Samsung is ramping up production. So if you were interested in buying one from Sprint, head by a… Read more

Samsung Performs Rendition Of Gangnam Style For Galaxy S4 Launch

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ZJs7N3aM75Y Prepare to cringe. Apparently, for the launch of the Galaxy S 4, Samsung decided to go all out with a trend that’s soooo last week. They had performers do Samsung’s own version of Gangnam Style on the stage, singing Samsung lyrics (half of which we couldn’t even understand). Basically,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Now Available For T-Mobile For $150 Down

The third of the major four carriers is now selling the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Starting today, T-Mobile is offering the Galaxy S 4 to its customers for a $149.99 down payment, with a payment plan of $20 per month for 24 months. That’s a little higher of a down payment than we expected, but it’s still very reasonable. For a refresher, the Galaxy S 4… Read more

Samsung Posts Video About The Galaxy S 4 Design Story

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUiRThvCp8E Last year, after Samsung had released the Galaxy S III onto the market, they posted a video describing its design. They showed the S III being created, while talking about what inspired its design. The whole nature aspect may have been silly, but it was clever and interesting. That video was good, because it… Read more