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Samsung Worried Galaxy S 4 Quality Not Up To Par With HTC One, Could Update Design For Future Devices

HTC is looking to take a share of the high-end smartphone market with the release of the HTC One and according to a Samsung source, Samsung is taking notice.  They are worried the build quality of their Galaxy S 4 won’t match the build quality of the HTC One.  The concern is the aluminum body of the HTC One.  Samsung went as far as creating an… Read more

Samsung Predicts Quarterly Profit Of $7.7 Billion

Samsung has been seeing record breaking profits five quarters in a row, and their success is undeniable. But their prediction for the first quarter of the year is 8.7 trillion won in profits, which is about $7.7 billion. This is up a whole 53% from last year, which was 5.7 trillion won. Their shipments of smartphones has also risen. Analysts predict… Read more

Galaxy S 4 May Launch In Eastern Europe In Two Weeks

According to a leaked schedule, Eastern Eropean countries will soon be getting the Samsung Galaxy S 4. The schedule says that countries like Russia and Ukraine (Motherland!) will be getting the Exynos version first, dubbed the 3G version (despite the Exynos supporting LTE?). They will also get the Snapdragon 600 powered version, but a few weeks later…. Read more

Pre-Order Your US Cellular Galaxy S 4 April 16th

If you’re planning to buy a Samsung Galaxy S 4, but you stay away from the big carriers, US Cellular has announced a chance for you to pre-order the device. And funny enough, it’s the same day AT&T scheduled theirs, on April 16th. To pre-order, you’ll have to sign up on their site to receive an email with the pre-order offer, or you can just visit the… Read more

Samsung Exynos 5 Octa Does Support LTE

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S 4 two model debacle is not a repeat of last year. Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S III came out with a quad core Exynos 4 processor in Europe without LTE, and a dual core Snapdragon S4 Plus in the US with LTE support. The reasoning was that the Exynos 4 integrated radios only had support for HSPA+ 21, so they couldn’t… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Kit Images Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 may not have wireless charging built in, but the wireless charging kit Samsung should release will remedy that. This new charging kit has been leaked in some images showing off its pretty elegant aesthetics, along with the new backplate it comes it to allow the S 4 to charge wirelessly. The kit is said to come out in week 17,… Read more