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Samsung Galaxy S II for US Cellular now available

Eight days ago US Cellular pulled the wraps off the Galaxy S II by Samsung, and announced that the handset would be making its official launch soon. Unfortunately, even eight days ago, US Cellular wasn’t coming completely clean as to a final launch date, keeping that information just vague enough to propel the speculation. But, the wait is over, and the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II for US Cellular officially announced

We knew it was coming, as there had been plenty of reports the high-end device would be making an appearance on the regional carrier US Cellular sometime in the future since last year. But the time has finally come. If you’re under US Cellular’s wing and you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the device, you’ll only have a bit longer to wait, as the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus press image reportedly leaked online [Update]

We just told you about the Galaxy S II+ by Samsung earlier this morning, based on the rumored device’s benchmark profile showing up online from the day before. And now we’ve got word that we’re looking at the official press image of the device right there, and if you ask us it doesn’t look that bad at all. Even if we’re a bit disappointed that it isn’t the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Plus shows up in a benchmark database

While we know that Samsung has no plans to showcase the true successor of the Galaxy S II at this year’s Mobile World Congress, that doesn’t mean that the manufacturer doesn’t have anything to show off. And while before yesterday it was anyone’s guess, the rumor mill has kicked into overdrive with speculation that the device in question may have shown up in… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II HD may be heading to the UK

We know that the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD is headed to AT&T sometime this year, but it sounds like that isn’t the only place this device is headed. While it won’t feature the same name obviously, the phone is now rumored to be headed across the pond, where those in the UK interested in picking up this handset will reportedly have a shot at owning… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II joins the FCC party with US Cellular

Looks like another Samsung Galaxy S II has made it over to the FCC. The Galaxy S II that joined the FCC party is named the Samsung R760. It will be launching on US Cellular’s network and will ship with Samsung’s proprietary UI experience (the TouchWiz interface). No hardware changes are present in the newest iteration of the Galaxy S II so it’s the same… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II WiMAX headed to KDDI au in Japan

There are plenty of variations of the Samsung Galaxy S II out there. Ranging from both radio variations to color differences, if you’re looking for a specific version of a Galaxy S II there’s a chance you’ll find it. And now Samsung is adding yet another member to the long listed lineage, with their upcoming release of the Galaxy S II WiMAX. The device… Read more