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Samsung Galaxy S II white for T-Mobile now available online

No surprise here, but it looks like T-Mobile has stuck to their word, and has released the white version of the highly popular Samsung Galaxy S II. No other surprises in store here, as the device is the exact same model as the previously released black version. But if you’re a fan of a more lightly-hued device, then the white version of the Galaxy S II may… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II in pink heading to Sweden

Now that we know the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile is launching here in the States, seeing a pink version of the device finding shelter in other countries shouldn’t be all that surprising. Of course, Samsung has been known to like their colorful phones, so hopefully seeing a pink version of one of the most popular devices in the world seems fitting. If… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II isn’t coming to Verizon

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of the Samsung Galaxy S II variant for Verizon Wireless, then your wait is over. Unfortunately, it isn’t good news. Verizon has confirmed with The Wall Street Journal that they will not be launching the Galaxy S II for their network. While Samsung is still set to unveil the Galaxy S II variants for the US… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II slated to hit Verizon in July [Update]

Update: This is my next is reporting that the original statement was supposed to say that the LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the device coming out in July. Great news, but those of you who are waiting for the Galaxy S II will have to wait a little longer. Of all the Android devices coming out in the US in the next six months (that we know about),… Read more

Samsung proves they do care about the hacking community, hands out Galaxy S II to CyanogenMod dev

After the amount of noise that was made by Motorola and HTC users about locked bootloaders, Samsung actually listened. They listened so well, in fact, that they have given a CyanogenMod developer a Galaxy S II to begin working on getting the ever popular ROM onto the device. This kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday, but it’s starting to become… Read more

Video: Galaxy S II prototype put through the paces

Looking to catch a glimpse of what Samsung has in store with their follow-up to the wildly popular Galaxy S? Look no further. Ukrainian site Gagadget has their hands on a fully functioning Samsung Galaxy S II, and they’ve got plenty of coverage to prove it. Along with the 11 minute video of the device you’ll find below, there’s pictures, screen-shots,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II officially announced

In yet another we’ve been waiting for this for months now moment, the Samsung Galaxy S II (2?) has gone official. Just how long have we been waiting for the GS2 to be officially announced you ask? Try early July of 2010. Seven months in normal time may not be long at all, but seven months in mobile time? Well let’s just say Samsung better… Read more