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Verizon Galaxy S III Will Get Update With Multi-Window Soon

Poor US Galaxy S III’s. They’ve lived such a neglected life. With the international models long updated to 4.1.2 with multi-window support, US models were left in the dust. Eventually, the T-Mobile model was updated with multi-window, but it’s been a while. Verizon is finally going to push this update out to its users, and it’ll be good. The update… Read more

Samsung Could Be Looking Into Fingerprint Readers For Phones

Looking through a leaked firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S III, it was noticed that Samsung may have forgotten to take out a few elements. Found in SecSettings.apk\res\drawable-hdpi, there were a bunch of files related to fingerprints and the registering of said fingerprints. Could Samsung be testing a device with a fingerprint reader on it? These… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware Leaked

According to new a report out of SamMobile, Samsung is making plans to give the Galaxy S III many of the features included in the new Galaxy S 4. Thanks to newly leaked I9300XXUFME3 4.2.2 firmware, this new update gives us some insight as to the features that will be included if and when Samsung ultimately decides to seed this to the world. All… Read more

Spigen Ultra Bumper Case Review

When you get a mainstream phone like the Galaxy S III or HTC One, you know that there will be an overwhelming number of cases available for it. But the real problem comes when choosing a case. You could go for something dirt cheap on eBay and then be rewarded with an extremely poorly-made case in return. But there’s also the option of shelling out a bit… Read more