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Brooks’ DogGone Best Phones Of 2012

  The other day my brother-in-law told me he has an upgrade coming up and he asked me for some suggestions on what device he might pick up.  He’s currently on AT&T, and it just so happens that 4 out of my top 5 devices on my DogGone Best Phones of 2012 are carried/usable on AT&T, so I thought I would address this post to him.  So… Read more

UK Samsung Galaxy S III Owners Are The First To Receive The “Premium Suite” Upgrade

If you’re an international Galaxy S III owner and the multi-window capabilities of the Galaxy Note II have you feeling pangs of jealousy, UK owners have some good news. Remember that forthcoming “Premium Suite” Samsung has shown off the past two weeks, well it’s arriving for UK Galaxy S III owners right now. You’ll get some useful extras… Read more

Best Buy Offering Samsung Galaxy S III For $49, One Day Sale

If you’ve waited for someone to drop the Samsung Galaxy S III to a “must-have” price, look no further than Best Buy and their one-day only sale. The retailer is dropping the Galaxy S III price tag to $49.99 for AT&T, Sprint and Verizon 16GB sizes with a new two-year contract. The price is good for new and existing qualifying upgrade customers so… Read more

Verizon Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out Now

Yesterday, Verizon posted all the documentation for the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update. It said that the update would start rolling out today, and it has. If you own a Verizon Galaxy S III, go to Settings > About phones > System update and check for new updates. You might not get it immediately, since it’ll be rolling out in the next few days,… Read more

Verizon Galaxy S III Officially Getting Jelly Bean Tomorrow

Verizon may be the last of the big four carriers to announce their Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update, but it’s finally here. Their Galaxy S III will be getting the update tomorrow, and will roll out over the next week or so. With Jelly Bean, you get Project Butter (which makes a good difference in UI smoothness), Google Now, expandable notifications,… Read more

Motorola Takes On Samsung With Ad That Makes No Sense

Many Android manufacturers have attacked other companies with ads. Both Motorola and Samsung made some pretty big ads against Apple, all to get Android on top. However, Android is clearly on top with a sizable gap between it and anything else. What’s next? Attack each other, of course. Manufacturers need to differentiate themselves, despite using the… Read more