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Robotic Pants Sitting On Smartphones? That’s How Samsung Stress Tests Their Phones

If you’ve ever watched a cheesy sci-fi movie then you know that in the future, we’re all going to be robots. But just how well can our smartphones of today hold up to a robotic backside squashing them? Well, if Samsung has anything to do with it, then pretty well indeed. The video you see below was released by Samsung yesterday and shows some of the… Read more

[Deal] RadioShack Giving $50 Play Store Gift Cards To Galaxy S III Buyers, Sprint S III Sale

Radioshack is offering a few perks for new Samsung Galaxy S III buyers. First of all, the Sprint Galaxy S III is on sale right now for $50 on contract, instead of the usual $100. And if you buy a Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon Galaxy S III, you will get a $50 Play Store gift card to immediately start buying apps. Also, Radioshack is offering $10 cash back… Read more

Samsung Releasing Le Fleur Galaxy Devices In January

Samsung is getting really colorful recently. With the many colors of various Galaxy phones, Samsung is trying to reach many audiences who don’t want a plain black slab. But what’s the next step? Patterns of course! Samsung will be releasing a new series of Galaxy phones that are “La Fleur”-branded. They’ll feature a floral pattern all across the… Read more

4.1.2 Build For Galaxy S III Leaks, Has Many Note II Features Including Multi View

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been rumored to get multi view for a while. If you don’t know, multi view is a feature introduced on the Galaxy Note II that lets you run two apps at the same time split screen. One goes on top of the other and you can see both at once. It’s a really cool feature for multitasking, especially on the Note II’s massive 5.5″… Read more

Samsung Announces Galaxy S III Sales Have Passed Thirty Million

Samsung’s certainly celebrating a big week with a second announcement featuring their “other” flagship device and its own sales milestone. Just two days after announcing sales of the Galaxy Note II passed 3 million, Samsung’s Poland Twitter account (the Tweet has since been removed) added some more good news for the Korean manufacturer as they announced… Read more

Deals: Best Buy Holding 24 Hour Galaxy S III Sale, Just $99

There are deals and then there are deals you shouldn’t pass up and this special offer from Best Buy falls into the latter group. For 24 hours only, Best Buy is holding a special sale on the Galaxy S III good for new lines and qualifying upgrades for just $99. Best Buy only has 16GB units available, but that doesn’t make this any less of an attractive… Read more