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AT&T Galaxy S 4 Preorders Begin On April 16th From $250

Just two days after T-Mobile became the first to announce US carrier availability for the Galaxy S 4, AT&T is chiming in with their own preorder date. AT&T customers wanting to scoop up Samsung’s newest flagship will be able to do so starting April 16th for $250 with a new two-year service agreement. Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t saying if that’s… Read more

Galaxy S IV Might Have An IR Blaster

IT168 has already managed to post a review of the still unannounced Samsung Galaxy S IV, and in that review, they mention something interesting. The black dot on the top, the bigger one that isn’t a secondary microphone, is said to be an IR blaster. An IR blaster let’s you control things like televisions and DVD players. Remote controls use infrared and… Read more

LG Puts Cheeky Ad Up In Times Square, Tries To Overshadow Samsung

Let’s say you’re LG, and your biggest competitor is about to unveil the device that will take the world by storm. What do you do? Make fun of the fact that it isn’t available, of course! Samsung’s “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy” ads are overshadowed by even bigger LG ads stating “LG Optimus G is here 4 you now!” Clever, LG, clever. Of course, we wish… Read more

Don’t Forget To Watch Samsung’s Livestream At 7 PM Eastern

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IDXILsX7_QI Today is the big day! Samsung Unpacked 2013 is happening, and we will be able to see the next Galaxy phone. Considering how the Galaxy series has been Android’s flagship recently, it’s a pretty important event. The press will be swarming and writing away, but don’t feel left out. Samsung… Read more

Alleged Galaxy S IV Leaked Right Before The Big Debut

It’s the day of the big launch, and if we are to believe what we see, Samsung just couldn’t hold it in for much longer. The Samsung Galaxy S IV was leaked once again. A few of those earlier leaks seem to have been right, and now we have some nice photos and videos of the device in all its glory. With a more square design that’s still similar to the… Read more

Galaxy S IV Cases Leaked Again, Different Design This Time

Last time we had Galaxy S IV cases leak, they were an utterly different (wide, square) shape. We didn’t want to believe that they were real, and from what we see today, we can be sure they aren’t. While we still don’t know what the Galaxy S IV looks like, we have had a previous leak showing the Galaxy S IV looking like this. And while we are extremely… Read more

Samsung’s Galaxy S IV Found On Video Thanks To Chinese Forum?

Samsung may continue to tease the Galaxy S IV with smoke and mirror images and Jeremy Maxwell, but they certainly haven’t provided the kind of secretive video coming out of China this morning. The video hands-on originates from the same source as yesterdays leaked images of Samsung’s newest flagship. It’s impossible to say whether this is the… Read more

Samsung Teases The Galaxy S IV With New Legit Picture

We saw some pictures of what was supposedly the Galaxy S IV today and it looks like Samsung decided to give us our first official look at the device. They may have only shown the corner but from what we can see, it looks quite similar to the S III. Although some may have hoped for a brand new design, this looks like it’ll be mighty fine anyway. The S… Read more