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Case Makers Start Making Galaxy S IV Cases, It Ain’t Pretty

Before the Samsung Galaxy S IV has been released, announced, or even leaked, case makes are already starting to churn out designs for their new cases. The one above is just one of the designs, but all of them share a single design aspect: A wide, short appearance. This of course worries us, because we don’t know a single person who likes wide phones…. Read more

Rumor Of The Day: Samsung Galaxy S IV To Launch On March 14th?

Thanks to an early morning Tweet from Mobile-Review founder Eldar Murtazin, the internet is buzzing that Samsung may announce the Galaxy S IV as early as March 14th in New York City. Murtazin, a long time source for insider news has a mixed track record as of late, so it’s definitely a bit of rumor news we need to take with a grain of… Read more

Samsung May Not Do A Major Redesign On The Galaxy S IV

Rumors are flying about the Samsung Galaxy S IV, or whatever Samsung chooses to name it. The latest rumors are from Korean journal DDaily, who says that it will be the first model to not face a major redesign. The changes from the original Galaxy S to the Galaxy S II were pretty dramatic, and the change to the Galaxy S III was massive. What if the… Read more

Rumor: Next Galaxy S Codenamed Altius, To Be Sold In April

This photo isn’t of the Galaxy S IV, it was found on Picasa claiming to be a press shot of it. With the old TouchWiz UI from the Galaxy S III and the battery percentage on (something Samsung doesn’t do in their press shots), this is definitely a fake. But it’s a nice fake, so we decided to show it off. We have a fresh batch of rumors for the Galaxy S… Read more