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Rumor: Next Galaxy S Codenamed Altius, To Be Sold In April

This photo isn’t of the Galaxy S IV, it was found on Picasa claiming to be a press shot of it. With the old TouchWiz UI from the Galaxy S III and the battery percentage on (something Samsung doesn’t do in their press shots), this is definitely a fake. But it’s a nice fake, so we decided to show it off. We have a fresh batch of rumors for the Galaxy S… Read more

Coverlight Adds A Flash To Your Galaxy S, No Batteries Required

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=6KHmKQdTmbk Here’s a really cool product: a rear cover for the Galaxy S that adds an LED flash. The Galaxy S had a great camera for its time, and it still takes some decent shots to this day. However, the perplexing lack of flash always annoyed me back when I proudly carried one. This is a cheap and… Read more

Samsung renegs on promise of Value Pack for Galaxy S line

We feel for all you Samsung Galaxy S phone owners. The past 3 weeks have been an emotional roller coaster. So much so in fact that it may have made you wonder if Ice Cream Sandwich is worth all the trouble. Well, it looks like Samsung has made the decision for you.  If you remember, initially, the Suwon-based manufacturer was holding off on its decision to… Read more