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Will the Samsung Galaxy S be updated to Gingerbread?

Unfortunately, the title of this post is not a question that is easily answered. It should be. Who is Google using to pioneer Gingerbread? Samsung. On which device? The Nexus S, which could very well be considered a part of the Galaxy S line; Same processor, screen, etc. Samsung could have just come out and said, “We know Gingerbread will work on a… Read more

Samsung the top selling Android phone brand in America

It’s obvious to anyone that follows Android news that Samsung’s Galaxy S series of phones is popular, but the Korean OEM announced today that they are the top selling Android brand in America, thanks to the S phones, which have been released by every major carrier in the US. The tablet of the family, the Galaxy Tab, is selling like hotcakes as well…. Read more

Verizon Galaxy Tab coming Nov. 11 for $600 with no contract

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is in the middle of a very drawn out launch. We’ve had conferences, advertisements, parties, leaks, and announcements, but the dang thing has yet to be sold. Perhaps Samsung and the retailers who’ll be carrying the tablet wanted to use the time to pick a price point based on media and public reception. It seems that the reception has… Read more

2.2 for Samsung Galaxy S available now

The details are still a little blurry, but according to a press release from Samsung, Froyo 2.2 is now available for the Galaxy S via Samsung’s “unique in-house software upgrade program,” Kies. Along with JIT, many a graphical improvement, and Flash 10.1 support comes a handful of problems as well. In a thread regarding the update on XDA-Developers,… Read more

Vibrant update pops up in Kies, GPS apparently fixed

UPDATE: Not a lot of info here, but T-Mobile announced via their Twitter account, in response to a user, that it’s best to wait for the update OTA: “An OTA update will be announced soon. Please do not install the kies update due to some known issues.” END UPDATE (Thanks, Jon) If you’re a Vibrant owner that is not using Samsung’s syncing and… Read more

Samsung Fascinate gets bug-fixing update from Verizon

Besides the big Froyo upgrade for the DROID X, Verizon is also rolling out a minor update for the Samsung Fascinate, its variant of the Galaxy S. In its release support flyer (link: PDF) Verizon says the update improves Visual Voicemail notifications, email syncing, searching while in a call, faster switching between 3G and 1x, and more. No word… Read more

Galaxy S to see Froyo by 9/23?

According to Android Spin, a source inside the Finland branch of Samsung is making claims that a Froyo build for the international Galaxy S i9000 is just around the corner. The update will first be handed out to repair departments, then sent out to consumer devices the next day if all goes according to plan. Repair departments are “definitely… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S gets DivX HD certified

C’mon Galaxy S users, what more could you want?! The Galaxy S has just become the first Android to join the elite ranks of DivX HD certified smart-phones (the only other device is the Samsung Wave). That means you now have the official go ahead to transfer your favorite 720p videos to your GS, and via DLNA or microUSB, enjoy them with your other DivX… Read more

Bizarre bug plagues Galaxy S devices

I’ve seen plenty of seemingly random device resets, in diverse situations and with a variety of phones. Sometimes it happens while launching an app, others, manipulating the camera software is enough to induce a spontaneous reboot. I can think of more than one occasion where looking at a device from the wrong angle – or perhaps with the stink eye – has cut… Read more