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The Galaxy S uses Gorilla Glass

It was just announced today by Corning Inc. they have indeed supplied Samsung with Gorilla Glass for use in their Galaxy S line of devices. Gorilla Glass is a quasi-indestructible chemically treated glass being used on everything from TVs and laptops, to smartphones. The ultra pristine display coverings (not the actual S-AMOLED) feature high compressive… Read more

Galaxy S unlocking is cake. Thanks, Samsung

The unlocking of cell phones has become a profitable cottage industry, and if you’ve ever sought to run, say, your AT&T device on T-Mobile’s network, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled on unlock apps and codes for sale on ebay or one of the many e-commerce sites dedicated to unlocking. Samsung, on the other hand, has stored unlock codes inside a .BAK… Read more

Galaxy S GPS fix in testing phase

We’ve been hearing buzz for at least a couple of weeks now that Samsung is working on a fix for problematic GPS performance in their popular Galaxy S series. Vibrant, Fascinate, and Captivate owners have noticed that their phones are slow to acquire a GPS signal, quick to drop one, and generally very inaccurate while “functioning”. But if the tweets of… Read more

Galaxy S overclocking may get crazy


As if the Hummingbird processor – clocked at 1GHz – inside Samsung’s Galaxy S series (Vibrant, Captivate, Fascinate, Epic) wasn’t fast enough, hackers have overclocked the Captivate CPU up to 1.2GHz (phone now $49.99 at Amazon!). What’s more, the hackers who made this happen are looking forward to bumping the clock speed up to 1.6GHz and are expecting… Read more

Samsung unveils Galaxy S accessories

Samsung announced a line of accessories for their popular Galaxy S series of phones this morning, including a desktop dock, vehicle dock, battery charging system, and numerous protective cases. The desktop dock sounds particularly interesting, in that it’s designed for playing movies and music, as well as for acting as a picture frame. The battery charging… Read more

Galaxy S “lag fix” makes phones FLY

Quadrant Standard

I no longer have a Vibrant in my possession to test this hack, so I can’t personally vouch for it. Also, it’s very clearly designated BETA (in capital red letters) over at the original xda thread where published. What does the hack do? The original poster, RyanZA explains: “Creates a VIRTUAL EXT2 filesystem inside the stock RFS filesystem on the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S in white

Before you get too excited… there is no proof whatsoever that the Samsung Galaxy S in white will ever show it’s face in the US. Under any of it’s many aliases. But hey, they do exist, and they do look absolutely wonderful. While the picture you see clearly doesn’t do the GS in white justice, it gives you a taste of just how amazing the device could look…. Read more

Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) Unboxing

Magenta’s flavor of the Samsung Galaxy S, which is hitting AT&T as the Captivate, Verizon as the Fascinate, and Sprint as the Epic 4G (with hardware QWERTY), is called Vibrant. And if neither of the reflective battery covers pop enough for you, that 4″ Super AMOLED display will. Vibrant indeed. Vibrant comes with Swype, Kindle, and MobiTV apps… Read more

Galaxy S does video out…via the 3.5mm jack

Here’s a pleasant surprize: HDblog.it posted a video the other day demonstrating how the European Galaxy S can output video via the 3.5mm audio port. All you need is a common cable that has a 3.5mm male jack on one end and the red, white, and yellow plugs on the other end that transport right audio, left audio, and video. No one has come forward to confirm… Read more

Samsung event link list

Wow. What a night. Today marked the day that Samsung stood up, and shouted to the world, here we come. At the Samsung event that went down tonight there was a TON to take in. Not only was every one of the carrier specific versions of the Galaxy S out in the open, but we got to learn all about them (like we didn’t already know). We got to learn things… Read more