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Verizon’s Samsung Fascinate to come all Binged out

We all knew the Samsung Galaxy S was going to hit all the major carriers in the US. We even know it was going to hit US Cellular. Now that these Galaxy S phones are getting official, we get to learn what is special to each carrier’s version. Verizon’s, for example, will come with Bing search and Bing nav. I’m not quite sure how to feel about this yet, but… Read more

U.S. Cellular snags the Galaxy S

This phone is certainly making the rounds.  As Dustin reported, the Galaxy S will be launching on several carriers, in one form or another.  Today, U.S. Cellular announced their version.  Ironically¹ named “Galaxy S”. “The Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone coming soon to U.S. Cellular customers is a premium Android device equipped with Samsung’s… Read more

Sprint Epic 4G; T-Mobile Vibrant; Verizon Fascinate


One phone to rule them all. Samsung said they were going to hit the world hard with the Galaxy S, and the proof is in the pudding. We have four variations of the Galaxy S to discuss in this post, and we’re starting with something Epic. The Samsung Epic 4G (aka the Galaxy S Pro) is Sprint’s new version of the Galaxy S to come packing a keyboard and, you… Read more

More Galaxy S Pro information

After taking their original post down and then reactivating and updating it, Android Community’s confirmation of the information they have on the Galaxy S is as about as close as we’ll get to an official announcement without a press release from Sprint. We posted on the phone yesterday, but there was only one image available at the time and the tip that the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S waltzes through the FCC

Now i know some of you will see this and say, big deal. I mean, when you look at who we saw struttin’ their stuff on camera earlier today (hint hint, it was the Galaxy S Pro with Sprint branding), I don’t really blame you. If you are a T-mobile patron however, this post will hold a little more weight with you than that earlier leak did. The Samsung Galaxy S… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S Pro: 4G with a QWERTY

Now this is a huge leak. If the Galaxy S isn’t exciting enough for you, check this out. Android Community has an image (below) of what they are calling the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. They also state that the device in a Sprint exclusive and will likely be their second 4G device, after EVO. No word on other specs, but if the model name is correct, we can assume a… Read more

Galaxy S torn apart, rebuilt


What is it about dismantling gadgets that people find so appealing? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it just as much as you do, but I have no idea why. I understand that these demonstrations become very useful right after you spill a Coke on your shiny new device, or you crack the screen and want to buy spare parts on ebay and do the repairs yourself. But I’m… Read more

Galaxy S video sample and multitouch demo


FrAndroid, the French Android website, has been running Samsung’s Galaxy S through its paces as of late, and two of the most intriguing products of that are a 720p video sample from the gadget’s cam (compare to 720p video shot on the Nexus One), and a video demonstration of the S’ multitouch responsiveness. Not only are the red and blue dots indicating… Read more

Rumor: Galaxy S hits Magenta on 7/21


If you visit TMoNews regularly, you know that David’s site is well established as the premiere leak point for future news from T-Mobile US. And he’s saying today that a trusted source has Samsung’s Galaxy S dropping on Big Pink on the 21st of July. This fits with several little rumors and buzz that’s been floating about, and I can’t imagine T-Mo sitting on… Read more

Samsung GT i900 / Galaxy S

The Samsung Galaxy S is expected to launch on all 4 major US wireless carriers in 2010. *The processor of the Samsung Galaxy S has been the subject of debate since it’s rumored release. Demo units were shown off with a Hummingbird processor, while rumors are circulating that the device will ship with a Snapdragon. Processor: 1ghz Snapdragon… Read more