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[Updated] Samsung Puts The Official Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit Up For Sale, With A Possible Catch

Wireless charging is becoming all the rage in smartphones these days and the latest to join the crowd is the Samsung Galaxy S4. The wireless charging kit is now available from Samsung’s online store in the US and when you pair the costs of the charging pad and the S4 cover, it comes out to about $90. It’s not cheap by any means but there’s also another… Read more

Samsung Worried Galaxy S 4 Quality Not Up To Par With HTC One, Could Update Design For Future Devices

HTC is looking to take a share of the high-end smartphone market with the release of the HTC One and according to a Samsung source, Samsung is taking notice.  They are worried the build quality of their Galaxy S 4 won’t match the build quality of the HTC One.  The concern is the aluminum body of the HTC One.  Samsung went as far as creating an… Read more

Possible Samsung Galaxy S 4 Launch Dates For Multiple U.S. Carriers Revealed In Leaked Staples Document

The highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S 4 arrival is expected to be soon, but we haven’t heard any concrete launch dates for either AT&T or Verizon. T-Mobile’s CEO announced the May 1st availability back at the carrier’s UNcarrier rate plan announcements at the end of March. Thankfully, according to a leaked Staples document, we now have tentative… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specifications

We’re sure you want to know more about that brand new Galaxy S IV. People are getting really excited about this device, so we have compiled a spec sheet for it. Hopefully the US will get that octo core, but I’m starting to doubt it. Read it over, enjoy, and tell us what you think! Display: 4.99″ Full HD Super AMOLED Processor: 1.9GHz quad… Read more

AT&T Confirms That It Will Carry The Galaxy S4

AT&T has officially announced the Galaxy S4 is coming to their network, complete with 4G LTE. This is great news for all AT&T customers, though we’re sure it’s coming to all networks. So, AT&T users, how many of you are buying one launch day? “AT&T was the first to deliver Samsung’s Galaxy series and we are excited to bring the Galaxy S4 to the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features Official And Explained

Samsung Unpacked 2013 is going great, and now we have some good explanations of each feature to be included. Read the press release for more information, and revel in the software innovation. So, the big question is, are you going to get the Samsung Galaxy S4? Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S 4 – A Life Companion for a richer, simpler and fuller… Read more