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Samsung Rolling out Android 3.2 to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Again

A few days ago Samsung began pushing the Android 3.2 update to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and it didn’t go as smoothly as they planned. Some users reported that after the update wifi, Bluetooth, and auto-update were broken. Fret not, for Samsung has an update rolling out that fixes everything it broke. The fix will be rolling out via an OTA update. If you… Read more

CyanogenMod 9 ICS hitting Galaxy Tab 10.1

For those that have been using the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (SGT10.1 hereafter) since its release, the wait for Ice Cream Sandwich looks to be short and sweet. Steve Kondik, the man behind CyanogenMod announced on Google+ today that he would be releasing the SGT10.1 ICS flavor of CyanogenMod “soon”. This will be CyanogenMod’s first natively-supported… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 3.2 update rolling out now, reportedly breaking WiFi and other features

Everyone loves a good update, especially when it brings your favorite software to the latest and greatest version. Luckily for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners out there, the update to Android 3.2 is now being rolled out. However, while an update like this should go over well enough, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. For some, plenty in fact, owners… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi being graced with a small update

It’s been a few days since we’ve heard anything from Samsung in regards to their 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab device, and considering the last bit of news to break cover was the company’s stoppage of their TouchWiz UX update, we were waiting to hear some good news. Fortunately, with word that an update is being pushed out to WiFi-only models of the 10.1 tablet, it… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 review

Introduction: Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is Android’s most viable answer to Apple’s iPad 2. Samsung actually tweaked the design after the initial announcement in order to make the thing just a hair thinner than iPad 2. The design is beautiful, the Honeycomb software is sleek and the 10.1-inch display makes for a spacious playground when specialized tablet… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Get it while it’s hot!

Tab fans, your time has finally come. The ultra-sleek Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet Google has bestowed upon attendees of I/O is finally available for the rest of us, starting at the low, low price of $499.99. So what does nearly $500 buy you in Android tablets these days? Not only does the Samsung Galaxy tab pack a 10.1-inch display and Nvidia… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 unboxing (UPDATED)

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 was one of the party favors at Google I/O 2011(in a limited edition flavor), and the retail version is available exclusively from Best Buy in NYC right now. It will be hitting retailers nationwide on June 17th, running $599 for the 32GB model and $499 for the 16GB version. Tab 10.1 features a 10.1-inch display at 1280 X 800… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Google I/O edition on Ebay

Are you angry that you weren’t able to snag a ticket for this year’s Google I/O in the 59 minutes it took before they were sold out? Now be honest: How much of that frustration was generated by the news that this year’s freebie–a common thread and hotly anticipated unveiling at every I/O–was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, don’t kick yourself;… Read more

Samsung posts their CTIA 2011 Mobile Unpacked segment online

If you were as unlucky as me and didn’t get a chance to to see Samsung unveil their 8.9 and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tabs to the world, fear not, Sammy’s got your back. Just posted to their Samsung Mobile YouTube account, you can now watch 30 full minutes of Tab announcement goodness. Yes, there’s terrible audio, and yes, it’s rather cheesy at times, but… Read more