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Samsung’s Galaxy follow-ups coming at CES…or MWC?

There’s little doubt that Samsung will be unveiling new Galaxy tablet and phone models powered by Tegra 2 some time in the new year; the question is when. The Korea Times has pegged CES for the launch of the next Galaxy Tab and follow-up to the hugely successful Galaxy S phones, which were released as distinct models to each major carrier in the… Read more

Grab a Galaxy Tab at Best Buy for $499, no contract required

If you’re tired of waiting for the Wi-Fi-only version of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, why not grab the Verizon flavor and then drop the data plan after the first month? Best Buy is selling the tablet for $499 with no contract required, though you do need to set up a VZW account and activate to purchase. But you can ditch that data almost immediately and run that… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab [Verizon]; The good, bad and ugly

Hey gang.  Breon here.  I’m going to drop a quick review for the Samsung Galaxy Tab…the Verizon flavor.  This won’t be a full on review, but I’ll give you what I think is the good, the bad and the ugly.  Peep John’s Galaxy Tab video here. Let me start by saying, I do believe that there is a place for tablets in our gadget collection.  Well, in… Read more

WiFi only Tab delayed

Yes, I hear your cries of sorrow and dismay, but mind you, it’s not easy over my own. AndroidLife has obtained an internal document from Best Buy stating that the WiFi only Tab will be delayed until “Post Holiday.” Unfortunately, that’s all we know for now. The WiFi only edition of the Galaxy Tab was originally rumored to slide into retail right before… Read more

Step right up for Galaxy Tab pre-orders at BestBuy

Best Buy opened up pre-orders on their $600 contract free Sprint and Verizon flavors of the Galaxy Tab today. Of course, the Wi-Fi model, which runs $100 less, has been delayed. Considering what a hot item these are expected to be in the next two months, a pre-order is a very good idea for those that want to get one for themselves or someone special by… Read more

Best Buy to sell Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab for $499

Last week, Verizon announced they’re selling the 3G version of the Galaxy Tab for $599 without any contract. To some, that seems a little too in line with the iPad’s, the big name in the tablet field. Best Buy is now advertising a Wi-Fi only version of the 7″ tablet for $499.99. The cheaper price tag and the savings on monthly data plans should make the… Read more

T-Mobile launches Galaxy Tab info page

This isn’t the first we’ve heard from T-Mobile on Samsung Galaxy Tab for their network; they sent out some vague but official announcements on the day of Samsung’s big announcement. But now, as was the case with the G2, T-Mo has put up an equally vague page where users can sign up for email updates on the Galaxy Tab product. T-Mobile announced the new page… Read more

Galaxy Tab hits all major carriers in the UK Nov. 1st

Although this particular announcement from Samsung comes without a price (pun intended) we do now have a release date for the Galaxy Tab in the UK: November 1st. As the title above mentions, the Tab will indeed be coming to all major carriers, and even some online electronics distributors (see: Carphone Warehouse). As far as pricing, all we know is that… Read more