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Samsung lets slip plans for a 10-inch Galaxy Tab

When discussing pricing and availability in a story on the 7-inch Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Ireland General Manager, Gary Twohig, mentioned that the company is looking to launch a 10-inch version of its tablet by the first half of 2011. He’s quoted as saying it will run Android and include the V8 JavaScript Engine, meaning, of course, that it’ll be at least… Read more

Galaxy Tab keyboard and docks

After announcing their Galaxy Tab product at the official event in NYC, Samsung and the four major carriers that will be selling the device–AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile–sent out a blast of press releases covering different selling points, referring to the Tab’s “on-the-go movie theater experience” and citing it’s navigation capabilities. And in… Read more

Samsung’s NYC event produces Media Hub

Samsung has been promising high quality mobile content for Galaxy S devices since they were launched, and very soon, they will deliver. Media Hub is Samsung’s cloud-based, instantly streaming premium content system, which will offers up new release and library titles for purchase and rentals, plus next-day television content. The content can be used on… Read more

Samsung announces Galaxy Tab for all four major US carriers

At the Samsung Experience in NYC tonight, Samsung stated that, by the end of the week, they will be able to confirm the shipment of 2 million Galaxy S devices in the US. In order to bring a rich mobile experience to all of those gadgets, Samsung also launched their hotly anticipated Media Hub, which delivers television, movies, and ebooks to Media Hub… Read more

Galaxy Tab hitting AT&T in Q4

Engadget was hit with an AT&T leak yesterday, which featured photos of the Blackberry Torch, Samsung Focus, and Samsung’s Galaxy S Tab, all with AT&T branding. The hotly anticipated gadget should be launching before December. Subsidized Tabs are expected to run $200 to $300 dollars and will also be launching on Verizon and Sprint, though Verizon may not… Read more