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Temple Run 2 Released For iOS, Coming To Android On The 24th

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qPMIQobB3ZM For all you Temple Run fanatics, we have some good news and some (almost nonexistent) bad news. The good news is that Temple Run 2 has been released! Building on the simple gameplay of the original, it improves on it with new graphics, more gameplay elements, new upgrades, and more… Read more

PowerA Unveils The MOGA Pro, A MOGA Beefed Up And Full Size

If you’re a fan of Bluetooth controllers for Android phones, MOGA is one of the best, if not the best. With the flip up arm to hold your device at a good angle, it makes mobile gaming easy and fun. The software and low app compatibility is not ideal, but that can be remedied by a few clever Android apps. However, what if you, like me, have big hands?… Read more

GameStick Is An Android Gaming Console Gone Portable

Android-powered home gaming consoles have exploded in popularity recently, starting with the OUYA. However, not all Android consoles are equal. OUYA serves its purpose as an always connected Android console that plays games with a big, ergonomic controller and a fairly powerful Tegra 3 chip inside. The GameStick serves a whole different purpose, and… Read more

OUYA Creators Unbox The Dev Console, Release UI Screenshot

First of all, the company behind the OUYA has released a screenshot of the user interface, or “what it might look like when Kickstarter backers get their consoles in March.” So this might not be the final UI, but if it is, I can’t say I dislike it. It’s reminiscent of (read: nearly identical to) the Metro UI on the Xbox 360 and other Microsoft products…. Read more

Activision’s PITFALL! Hits The Play Store For Free

Remember the time when all Android users were going crazy over Temple Run? A ton of fakes were made, people were going crazy, it was a huge event. When it was released, people played it to incredible lengths. However, it seems that the hype died soon after. Temple Run is still #12 in the Play Store’s top free apps, but it looks like we have another high… Read more

Modern Combat 4 Back On The Play Store With Fixed Compatibility

Looks like this is the second game today to come back after disappearing. Earlier, Grand Theft Auto Vice City returned after disappearing from the Play Store. Now it’s Modern Combat 4 that has come back. It is now available on the Play Store for you to buy and play freely. We’re just glad it’s back. It’s a good day for Android gamers… Read more

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Available After Long Absence

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was a very anticipated game, so it was a great disappointment when it was taken down on launch day. Technical issues caused them to take it down, and that’s fine. It happens. But it’s finally back up, a little earlier than expected. So if you want to start playing it, hit the source link and download away! Device compatibility… Read more

Award Winning Game Contre Jour Released On Android

Contre Jour is an iOS game that has gotten pretty popular, even winning the App Store Rewind 2011 iPad Game of the Year. And today, it launches on Android. Contre Jour is a mix of video game and interactive art, having a unique art style and an orchestral soundtrack. You play by morphing the landscape and using tools set around you to get your “Petit”… Read more