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Dark Knight Rises Coming to Android this Summer

In a little over a month Christopher Nolan will bestow upon us the the highly-anticipated final segment of the Dark Knight trilogy.  Gameloft just announced that it has partnered with Warner Brothers studio and DC Comics to release a official game of the movie for Android later this Summer. Not many details have been announced regarding the game, but… Read more

Gameloft Set to Release ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Game for Android for Upcoming Movie Release

To not much of a surprise, Gameloft will be releasing the Amazing Spiderman game for the Android platform. I’m sure we know what to expect from Gameloft with this game. Graphics should be much improved from the predecessor and game-play should be what we expect from any other Spiderman game. Here’s the full press release from Gameloft themselves…. Read more

Gameloft Posts First Teaser For Men In Black 3 Android Game

Are you a huge Men in Black 3 fan? Would you like to neuralize all kinds of people using your Android device? Perhaps this game trailer is for you as Gameloft teases their upcoming MIB3 game, coming soon to Android devices everywhere. The trailer doesn’t give a specific date, but with the movie launching on May 25th we’d be fools not to think the… Read more

Gameloft LIVE now available

Gameloft is all about gaming, so if you’re someone who uses your Android-based device to play as many games as possible, then the new Gameloft LIVE application maybe a perfect fit for you. The application itself is a window of opportunity for those of you out there who want to get their hands on new games, a new way to communicate with other gamers (playing… Read more

Gameloft slashes Modern Combat 3 by 85% for a limited time

Gameloft had a big sale this past weekend selling most of their offerings for $0.99 cents. We say “most” because Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nations did not receive the same price cut. Well this morning, that all changed. The FPS game from one of the most prolific developers has dropped in price, but only for today. Modern Combat 3 has a bucketload of… Read more