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Editorial: Mobile Games Are Taking Two Routes: The Console Route, And The Casual Route. No Middle Ground

Mobile gaming has gone so far in the past few years, especially this last year. There have been so many wonderful games for phones lately, and it’s truly the future of gaming. One device for calling, texting, managing business, taking photos, and playing games. It can do it all. It’s truly amazing, if you ask me, to see what developers can do on a… Read more

EA Reveals Real Racing 3, Car Buffs Rejoice

Electronic Arts has officially unveiled the newest iteration in its Real Racing franchise. In addition, the studio has also released a “pre-alpha” trailer showing off some of the incredible detail and hard work that was put into the game. Real Racing 3 will feature countless cars from several brand-name manufacturers and a slew of actual tracks like… Read more

The GameKlip Mounts Your Phone Onto A Sixaxis Controller

When first seeing this, my jaw dropped. So elegant, but so simple. It’s a mount that wraps around your PS3 sixaxis controller and attaches your phone above it, making it into a makeshift portable console. Since we all know the biggest flaw with hardcore gaming on phones is the control scheme. Touch screen controls don’t quite cut it, even when they’re… Read more

Wikipad Specs Revealed, Looks Very Desirable

Why is it that we have to buy both a tablet and a gaming device like a Vita? Tablets don’t have proper gaming controls, thus cannot be used for some hardcore gaming. Well that’s all about to change with the Wikipad. The Wikipad is a 10.1″ tablet with the standard 1280×800 IPS display, powered by a 1.4 GHz Tegra 3, 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal… Read more

Google Fiber Launched In Kansas City, Pre-Register Now!

Google Fiber is now arriving! While not quite ready, they have opened it up to pre-registering. However, it’s not as easy as that. To get Fiber in your area, you’ll have to rally your neighbors to pre-register along with you. If enough people do so, Google will buid a fiber infrastructure there and the whole neighborhood can use it! So when you’re… Read more

The Dark Knight Rises Now Compatible With The Nexus 7

The Dark Knight Rises for Android launched yesterday alongside the incredibly anticipated film. However, Nexus 7 users were experiencing a bug which left them unable to download the game after purchasing it. Furthermore, specific game assets were being downloaded twice, taking up massive amounts of space. Thankfully, all that’s been fixed today and… Read more

ZTE to Announce “Advanced Gaming Smartphones” Next Week

ZTE is another name that isn’t fairly common here in the states, despite being the fourth largest phone manufacturer. They may make a name for themselves quickly, though, if what they announce next week is as revolutionary as it sounds. ZTE claims to be unveiling “one of the most advanced gaming smartphones” next week. No rumors have been spread about… Read more