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The OUYA Android Gaming Console Is Funded… Three Times Over

The OUYA gaming console powered by Android was given a nice overview yesterday in this article by our own Nick DuVarney, and it seemed to have a lot of potential. Unfortunately, potential means nothing when a project can’t get proper funding. But we don’t have to worry about that, since OUYA has met its goal. The team asked for $950,000. It’s been about… Read more

OnLive Could Make Its Way to Sony’s Google TV

Sony’s new NSZ-GS7 Google TV could be getting support for OnLive gaming capabilities directly out of the box. VentureBeat has found a bit of interesting information on Sony’s official website, detailing an “OnLive controller/USB dongle”. Whether or not the service will come pre-installed remains unclear, but it appears Son’y newest Google TV will get… Read more

HTC rumored to receive PlayStation Certification later this year, sources claim

In the land of Android, differentiation is a major point of contest. Companies strive to create proprietary software to stand out, compared to other manufacturer’s custom user interfaces. For Sony, which has recently acquired Ericsson’s share in a multi-year deal, bringing their PlayStation games to their branded phones made sense, and for anyone serious… Read more

Madden 12 for Android now only 99 cents in the Android Market

A deal is a deal, so it’s generally a good idea to jump on it when it becomes available. And for a popular gaming title like Madden 12, it would probably be a good idea to grab it when it’s only 99 cents, especially when it’s only for a limited time. And, as you can probably imagine, the drop in price is due to the little thing called the Super Bowl… Read more