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Obiwan222222 uses network streaming to play Nintendo Wii game on Android tablet

There are all sorts of ways to mod your device, whether it’s a phone or a tablet. And there are different levels of modding — you can go crazy with it, or you can do about as little as you want. The results will vary, obviously, but usually it’s always something worthwhile. In this case, from minimalist modder Obiwan222222, has managed to make Nintendo Wii… Read more

LG releasing a 3D Game Converter for Optimus 3D at IFA, releases news early

If the manufacturers keep this up, there’s not going to be any surprises in store at this year’s IFA event. LG has released an official press release regarding the company’s upcoming 3D Game Converter, which, as the name implies, will add a bit more depth to your 2D games. Don’t worry, though: if you’ve got an Optimus 3D and think this is going to be an… Read more

App review: Alchemy

Did you know that if you mix fire and water, you get alcohol? Did you know that if you mix alcohol and wheat, you get beer? Or how about if you take beer, and add a brick house, you make a bar? Welcome, to Alchemy. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, alchemy is “an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting.” Alchemy for Android is an… Read more

Can Android make it as a gaming platform?

As you may already know, if you’re a long time reader of DroidDog, I am an avid video game fan. I play mainly console games, but when I’m on the go, my phone has replaced my Nintendo DS. Why? As much as I love my DS, the added convenience of being able to carry one device seals the deal. Not to mention that as far as quality of games go, phones have… Read more

Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation working to release new Android based gaming console

Announced in a press release on May 25th, nearly one week ago, Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation has revealed what they’re calling the world’s first “Android gaming console that will offer users real time gaming playlist and social friend connections:” the EVO 2 (great name, right?). As interesting as a console with Android sounds, the EVO… Read more

Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley available now

The Sun is finally staying out longer, a cool breeze carriers the fresh scent of salt over the air, and and the soothing sounds of monkeys and birds playing volleyball is in the air… it must be time to play Angry Birds Rio Beach Volley! Released last night on the Amazon Appstore, the lastest episode of Angry Birds Rio is finally here. Not much has… Read more

Gameloft bringing eight new HD games to Android

Sure, there may be a lot of controversy around how Gameloft manages the sales of their games, but there’s no denying that the company puts out some of the best. In staying true to that statement, Gamloft has just released eight new HD games for Android handsets, available for purchase from Gameloft.com. As you will see in the video below, there is a… Read more

Android Live Chat #3 tomorrow at 4PM EST!

Hey all, I’m just popping in to leave a friendly reminder that tomorrow we will be holding the third installment of our new Android Live Chat sessions. Have questions about Android or just want to discuss your favorite mobile platform? Drop by DroidDog’s Ustream Channel at 4PM EST tomorrow and hang out with me and other enthusiasts. I will be on… Read more