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Angry Birds Rio an Amazon Appstore exclusive

Anyone looking to get their Angry Birds fix in the coming weeks with Angry Birds Rio won’t be able to do so in the Android Market. Instead, the destined to be incredibly popular Rio will see an exclusive launch in the Amazon Appstore. According to the Amazon Appstore Developer Blog, Amazon plans on using the launch to draw in customers once their… Read more

OpenFeint and The9 want YOU!

Thanks to a joint venture between companies OpenFeint and The9, Android could be on the brink of receiving yet another shot in the arm to bolster the gaming community. According to Venture Beat, OpenFeint and The9 are utilizing a $100 million investment fund known as Fund9 to try and get more game developers switched over to Android. By analyzing… Read more

Angry Birds hits the 30 million download mark

Angry Birds is a shining example of just how successful games can be on Android. Several months after release of the ad-supported version of Angry Birds, and the app has been downloaded 30 million times with 80% of users still updating on a regular basis. This news comes from Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka — a guest speaker at the Android monetization panel… Read more

PSA: Words With Friends update available now

When Zynga first released Words With Friends into the Android Market, the game was an instant hit. The Android Market shows an estimated 1-5 million downloads so far, which means that when the latest update to the app went live today, you can bet not everyone saw an important message from developers: “to get the most out of this update, you need to… Read more

NVIDIA Tegra Zone available now

Information on NVIDIA’s custom created dual-core depot has been available for awhile now, and the app has finally made it’s way into the Android Market today. NVIDIA is tagging their new Tegra Zone app as “the destination for mobile gamers.” According to the Market listing: “With the Tegra Zone app for your NVIDIA Tegra-powered mobile device, you… Read more

Game Corner: Bejeweled 2

The Bejeweled series of games is one of those series that you can’t get away from. Different versions of the game have made their way onto the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade, Wii, OSX, Windows, iOS, WP7, and just ten days ago, Android. Bejeweled 2 in particular has been masterfully ported between platforms before an Android version was ever… Read more

Ad free version of Angry Birds coming soon?

When Rovio first released Angry Birds on Android, it was an experiment in profits through advertising. The company proved they could do it, but there are still those of us out there who would gladly pay a couple dollars to get rid of those pesky ads. It looks like that time may finally be upon us. If a tweet from Rovio’s @RovioMobile Twitter account… Read more

Minecraft coming to Android

To try and summarize the entirety of Minecraft in just a couple sentences would be nearly impossible. The game is incredibly entertaining, with a ridiculous amount of things to do. I suppose the developers said it best with this line: “Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.” The real depth of the game comes… Read more