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Bluetooth Game Gripper looking for funding

Game Gripper is by far one of the coolest phone accessories to come out in a long time. Just in case you don’t recall, Game Gripper is a slide on video game controller that fits snuggly over your phone’s physical keyboard. If you are into emulation at all, it’s a must own. Unfortunately, if your phone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, you’re left in the… Read more

All Gameloft HD games for Android 60% off

Looking to get your game on this Valentine’s Day? Gameloft’s got your back. Starting today, and running for “just a few days,” Gameloft has put their entire lineup of HD Android games at 60% off. Some of the titles on sale include Ultimate Spiderman, GT Racing, Modern Combat, Dungeon Hunter, Gangstar, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Oregon Trail. To… Read more

HTC investing $40m in OnLive

Just yesterday, HTC announced a new partnership formed with digital multimedia delivery company Saffron Digital. Today, the company has its sights set on another digital media distribution outfit: OnLive. OnLive is a company specializing in cloud-based gaming. OnLive hosts games in the cloud, allowing you play from your TV, computer, iPad, and coming… Read more

Video: EA’s Worms for Android released

The year was 1995. Team 17 had just released the first version of their game known only as Worms. An Amiga exclusive, the game didn’t originally take off the way it was planned. Fast forward to 1999 when T17 releases Worms Armageddon, and the series couldn’t be more popular. By the time Worms World Party came out in 2001, everyone was playing the game… Read more

Kongregate back for good this time?

Just as quickly as Game Stop’s Flash-based gaming portal Kongregate took the Android Market by storm, it was yanked from it’s position, fate left unknown. In a nutshell, Google didn’t like how much the app mimicked another app store. That would have been a completely valid reason if true – yes technically some games would be downloaded and stored via SD… Read more

Video: Angry Birds Valentine’s day edition coming soon

Wondering when you’ll get your next holiday edition Angry Birds fix? In a recent video interview, the fine folks from Rovio Spent some quality time talking about where they want to take Angry Birds, how the game came about, and shared a special look at an upcoming Valentine’s Day edition of the massively popular app. Which platforms will see the app… Read more

Bejeweled 2 launching this week

As far back as early November, PopCap Games’ development director, Sameer Baroova, was quoted as saying “I am delighted to confirm that we are working on bringing both Peggle and Plants vs Zombies to Android in early 2011.″ Well it’s early 2011 already, and while Plants VS Zombies and Peggle are still a ways away, a different PopCap game – the… Read more