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Garminfone gets Android 2.1

Please note that these instructions were provided to a customer with a specific Wi-Fi problem after updating her phone via OTA on August 26th. If you are running a different version (or your Wi-Fi is working fine) you might want to check with Garminfone before jumping on this. After contacting support for Wi-Fi troubles, a Garminfone owner was sent the… Read more

Garminfone price drop for existing customers

You know, I hate to admit it, but the Garminfone was a flop. Not quite a Kin flop, but none-the-less, the device sold horribly. It’s a shame too, the Garminfone feels wonderful; Quite possibly one of the most solid devices on T-Mobile. A lot of people, myself included, just couldn’t get past that wonky UI. In a last ditch effort to push a few more units… Read more

T-Mobile Garminfone navigation demo

I’ve got more videos coming on this device; inspired both by your questions and requests and by my own experiences with the phone. But this is the only one I’m going to shoot in a moving car. Sorry for the bumpy ride, but at least you can see what the interface looks like and sample one of the preinstalled voices. Speed limit vs. current speed,… Read more

T-Mobile Garminfone photo and video samples


I’ve been receiving quite a few requests for photo and video samples from T-Mobile’s Garminfone, and no wonder; it’s packing a 3.15MP cam with no flash and the highest resolution video it captures is 320 X 240. Can this thing compete on the photo front with even low end feature phones in today’s market? Well, my answer is yes for sharing still photos but… Read more

T-Mobile Garminfone unboxing and hands on

I’ve had the Garminfone in my posession for a little more than 24 hours, and so far, I am quite impressed. Sure, the specs are lower than the flagship Androids popping up this summer, and that’s evident when using the Garminfone’s laggy virtual keyboard. But the hardware is elegant – even luxurious – and the navigation has me forgetting all about my love… Read more

Garminfone spot

It’s $199 on a new two year contract after a $50 rebate and $449.99 outright. Is that too much to pay for an Android 1.6 device? most would say (and have said) yes. But this isn’t the Android any of us are used to, and with every aspect of the software designed geared towards keeping location and navigation as the phone’s focus, the Garminfone might provide… Read more

T-Mobile Garminfone launch date and pricing revealed

Engadget has some fresh information about T-Mobile’s upcoming navigation workhorse Android, the Garminfone. The snap seen below indicates a June 2nd launch (same as MT3G Slide) with a contract price of $199.99. Our friends over at TmoNews say that the “Regular Price” of $599 is actually in reference to third party sales, and that the T-Mo outright sale… Read more

T-Mobile Garminfone unboxing from PhoneDog

After driving across the country relying almost exclusively on the Google Maps Navigation of a trusty Droid Incredible (I checked an atlas once or twice), I discovered that Charlotte, North Carolina is a Google Maps Twilight Zone. I’m constantly making unnecessary freeway exits, only to u-turn a mile later and enter the same freeway, or showing up at… Read more

Noah unboxes the Garminfone

It’s a GPS… no it’s a phone. Wait, I think it’s a GPS. No, no. It’s a Garminfone. Slated for a June launch at $200 on contract ($450 for all you EM+ users), The Garminfone is trying to blur the lines between phone and GPS navigation unit even further than it already is. I have to admit, they’re doing a pretty good job. Other then the extremely weird… Read more

Garminfone. T-Mobile. June. $200.

That’s $200 with a new contract and qualifying plan, $450 outright. T-Mobile has bundled some services and apps together, but underneath, this one has all of the features of a Garmin Navigation unit that you would find in a car and will be controlled via a 3.5″ touch screen. Can Garmin compete with Google in the cell phone navigation department? After… Read more