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Gmail for Android updated, mostly benefits Honeycomb tablets

Android users on Ice Cream Sandwich have benefitted from a better Gmail app, but Google isn’t leaving users on previous Android versions behind. A new update is now available for the app via Google Play, and it brings many goodies. Honeycomb users benefit the most, receiving the same UI as the Ice Cream Sandwich version. Here’s the full rundown: Android… Read more

LG Viper 4G coming soon to Sprint, pre-orders begin April 12

Everyone has been waiting on Sprint to launch its new LTE network, and we’re now one step closer. The Now Network has just announced that it will begin taking pre-orders for the LG Viper 4G, one of its first LTE handsets. Pricing will be at $100 after $50 mail-in rebate, so it’s looking like this will be Sprint’s budget LTE handset. As far as specs go,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Pocket finds its way through the FCC

Perhaps more than any other smartphone manufacturer out there, Samsung knows how to fill the gaps. The know that creating devices that fill niche markets is a good plan, or at least it is for them. It seems to be working for them, at least. And that’s why they’ve got a phone that measures in at 5.3-inches, and why the new Galaxy Pocket, which has made its… Read more

LG Lucid for Verizon officially announced

We thought it may have a slightly different name, with the addition of “4G” on there, but it looks like Verizon may have decided to drop it in light of its official unveiling. The Lucid by LG will be the newest high-end handset from the manufacturer to land on Big Red’s network, and it all happens March 29th. As far as features go, here’s what you’re… Read more

Motorola DROID 2 R2-D2 edition receives update, still not the update you’re looking for

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was the DROID 2 R2-D2 edition. All joking aside, this could be a good day for owners of the handset, as Verizon and Motorola are now rolling out an update to the phone. No, it doesn’t a real life R2-D2 to the phone (or even Ice Cream Sandwich, for that matter), but still includes some fixes that at least… Read more

LG Optimus LTE P936 makes an appearance, still unofficial

LG has already had its LG Optimus LTE line out for awhile, but that doesn’t mean they can’t add to the pile. A new image has appeared of what is the Optimus LTE P936, a phone very similar to its brethren. Specs include a 4.5-inch HD screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor and 8MP camera. It is also said to run the outdated Gingerbread,  making it outdated… Read more

Panasonic Eluga coming to Europe in April, Japan March 29

Panasonic’s oddly named Eluga has been planned to be one of their first phones to leave Japan, something the company has not previously done. We now have dates, and the Eluga will be launching in Japan on March 29. April will be the date the phone goes international, and will be hitting Europe sometime in April. Both versions will launch with Android… Read more

LG Lucid 4G has its specs leaked for the world to see

LG’s Lucid 4G has been rumored to come to Verizon for awhile now, but we don’t know much about the handset itself. We now have some specs to go off of, and they’re mostly looking mid-range. It starts off with a 4-inch IPS display with a resolution of 800×490, followed by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of storage and a 1700mAh battery. Android 2.3 is the… Read more

LG Thrill 4G on AT&T gets updated to Gingerbread

We all get so caught up in the Ice Cream Sandwich rage that we sometimes forget that some Android devices haven’t even been updated to Gingerbread. That’s the case with the LG Thrill 4G on AT&T, but it is now joining the majority of Android with the update to Gingerbread. AT&T and LG opted not to do it over-the-air, so owners must connect to a computer to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note shows itself without TouchWiz, flaunts Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday, Samsung decided to use their USA-based Facebook page to showcase a brand new contest that they are taking the reigns on. It’s a ‘Spin & Win’ contest, and it promotes the chance to win a Galaxy Note as the grand prize. They are more than willing to show off the large device right there in the promotional material for the contest, along with its S… Read more