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Winner of DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway

Congratulations to Devon B. from Orlando, Florida! He is the winner of DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway! Enjoy, Devon. I hope this phone proves useful in your work. I know that our friends around the globe have been waiting a long time to be included in our giveaways and that many of you were hoping for a winner from another country this time… Read more

DroidDog rooted G1 giveaway!

EDIT: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! THANKS FOR TRYING! The Contest: Have you been curious about hacking phones but didn’t want to risk destroying your own? Maybe you jut can’t afford a spare or maybe you want to add a fifth to your collection. Whatever the case, this is the easiest way to get into a hacked G1 without spending any cash. I’m also opening… Read more