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Four days, then drawings: PhoneDog’s tablet sweepstakes

Friendly reminder folks, just four days remin until PhoneDog starts the drawing for up to 100 free tablets. Why “up to 100?” Because we’re giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entries we receive. Telling your friends about this one doesn’t hurt your chances. In fact, it increases them. Follow through with the instructions below to fin out how you can… Read more

Five days until we make it rain…tablets

Just in case there are a few readers out there that aren’t yet aware of our crazy Facebook giveaway, and in case some of you know but haven’t taken a minute or two to enter, we’re sending out reminders in these last days before the drawing begins. We’re giving away one tablet for every 5,000 entries we receive, people. So a high number of entrants does… Read more

The final countdown for PhoneDog’s MASSIVE tablet giveaway!

This is it, folks! We’ve got seven days left until PhoneDog starts giving tablets away to people who have entered an insane tablet sweepstakes via our Facebook app. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check this out: PhoneDog is giving away 1 tablet for every 5,000 sweepstakes entries–up to 100 tablets– and the winners get to choose their prize: an… Read more

Google Nexus S Challenge = FREE FONEZ!!1!

Are you following @googlenexus on Twitter? You should be. They are giving away one Nexus S per day until December 16th. The googlenexus twitter account is sending out links and hints to puzzles, hidden content, etc., and the first person to reply with the correct solution to each challenge gets a free phone! It all started yesterday with a link to the… Read more

Nexus One Desktop Dock Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted to buy something but the price doesn’t seem worth the results? Have you ever been MEANING to buy something but just never got around to it? Could this thing perhaps be the Nexus One desktop dock? Well you’re in luck – I happen to be giving away my desktop dock! Let me just clarify that I am not giving this product away because it is… Read more

Winner of an HTC DROID Incredible

Congratulations to Michael M. from The Bronx for winning a brand new HTC Incredible for Verizon Wireless! This was DroidDog’s first giveaway based on what all of you wrote. With over 500 entries, I found it difficult to narrow it down to 25. Choosing the top ten was hard. Selecting a single winner was a serious challenge. There were so many good stories,… Read more