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Gmail Now Allows Adding Time References To Google Calendar

If you’re someone who gets a lot of emails with event details, this will be useful for you. Gmail finally integrated a feature where mentioned dates in an email can be clicked on and added to your Google Calendar. You won’t have to leave Gmail, just click on an underlined date and time and it’ll automatically create the event and allow you to edit it…. Read more

Gmail Updated With Actions In Expanded Notification (Jelly Bean)

Here is a feature that seemed obvious but was long missing from the Gmail app: action buttons in the expanded notifications. If your device is running Jelly Bean 4.1 or up, you probably know you can expand notifications to view more content and show available actions. However, the Gmail app only showed more of the email, never any buttons. But the app… Read more

Google Will Not Make Windows Apps Due To Lack Of Users

Google never keeps its apps exclusive to the Android platform. Google is first and foremost a provider of services, such as email, search, maps, and many more. They will expand those services to any platform that has enough users. This is why iOS has Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Voice Search apps straight from Google: It benefits everyone. However, there… Read more

Android 4.2 Gmail, Along With Auto Fitting And Swipe To Delete, Now Available For All 4.0+ Devices

The update the Gmail Android app received in Android 4.2 was pretty huge, in my opinion. The swipe to archive/delete function is nice and useful (and a direct rip from webOS, which is understandable since Android’s director of user experience Matias Duarte used to be VP of Palm). But the biggest feature is the message auto-fitting, which zooms out all… Read more

You Can Now Search Gmail By Size And Date

Google is adding more robust searching to Gmail today, in the form of searching by size and date. If you want to search by size, type in size:5m or larger:5m, using the example of 5 MB, into the search box. The same goes for date. You can type in older_than:1y for emails older than a year. While it’s not quite ideal to be typing these unnatural terms to… Read more

Google Introduces New Compose Window In Gmail

One problem I’ve always had with Gmail is that I have to leave the compose screen when I take a look at other emails. Gmail’s interface is a bit archaic in some ways, and this is one of them. Despite not liking Yahoo Mail, their tab-based system works a lot better. Google seems to understand that, so they’ve redesigned the compose interface. Instead… Read more