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Google Now Updated, Comes With Voice Actions And Gmail Integration

Along with Android 4.2 came an update to Google Now, not limited to Android 4.2 users. It’s a pretty significant update, so if you’re running Android 4.1 or above, hit the source link to grab the update. Google is integrating Gmail into Google Now. They’ve been doing this with the Google search box on the site for a few weeks, so it makes sense that… Read more

Gmail Update Optimizes App For 7″ Tablets, Bug Fixes

Got a Nexus 7 tablet hanging around? Be sure to check out your app updates today as Google has updated the Gmail app with support for 7″ tablets. The latest update makes the app fully compatible and optimized for 7″ tablets, just like the Nexus 7. Of course other 7″ tablets will benefit from this update, but it’s really the Nexus 7 we love now? Am I… Read more

Gmail for Android updated, mostly benefits Honeycomb tablets

Android users on Ice Cream Sandwich have benefitted from a better Gmail app, but Google isn’t leaving users on previous Android versions behind. A new update is now available for the app via Google Play, and it brings many goodies. Honeycomb users benefit the most, receiving the same UI as the Ice Cream Sandwich version. Here’s the full rundown: Android… Read more

MKB Reviews: GNotes

You may have seen our previous review of a free app from the same developer: GTasks. GNotes is a similar note-taking application that allows you to synchronize with your Gmail account instead of with Google Tasks itself. This allows you to attach audio clips, photos and other files much like you can with the ubiquitous Evernote app on most platforms. If… Read more

Preview Pane in Gmail

Google Labs may be phasing out, but that doesn’t mean new features have to stop rolling out right this minute. If you are longing for the new Mail app in OS X Lion, but are waiting for some bugs to be ironed out, or, if you just happen to like a dual-pane message view, open Gmail and go to Settings, Labs. Under that heading, you’ll find an option for… Read more

Google adds calling support for 38 more languages

Have you tried calling someone’s phone from within Gmail yet? Maybe you weren’t aware of the feature, which is accessible via the little green phone icon in the left pane chat list, amongst the camera video call and circular chat icons. Perhaps you haven’t seen one of those little phones because calling hasn’t been available for most of your friends… Read more