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Gmail reminds you of security settings

Whether you use Gmail’s forwarding and delegation (account access for other users) for business or personal reasons, forgetting that one or both are enabled can result in some unfortunate circumstances. Changing of jobs, changing of relationships, and other life events that alter with whom and how you communicate happen. Unfortunately, remembering every… Read more

Introducing inbox styles tabs for Gmail

Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature changed the way I read mail. Instead of simply starring messages or going through the hassle of tagging and storing my email somewhere in a long list of folders, I was suddenly able to chose those communications that were most important, have them displayed at the top of my inbox list, and even have Gmail learn from my choices… Read more

Gmail gets a makeover

If you’ve been using Google+, you already know that the black bar now found at the top of most Google properties is designed to draw you back into the social service, whether by enticing you to go back to the Stream page or simply via clean notifications that you can interact with, in place. Those of you not using + are probably wondering what the heck… Read more

GMail adds customizable backgrounds to web client

One of the best things about using GMail on the web is how customizable it is. Aside from technical options galore, you’ve been able to change the colors of different elements, or apply predesigned themes found in the settings, for quite some time now. Starting today, Google is adding yet another personalization option to GMail: custom… Read more

Gmail bug claims thousands of accounts

0.08% of the Gmail population doesn’t seem like much, but it’s an estimated 150,000 accounts. According to Google, that’s the amount of people affected by an “issue” in Gmail deleting stored content. Essentially, some Gmail accounts have been emptied of all their messages, chats, etc. Google engineers have been working around the clock to sort the… Read more

Gmail labels “spiffed up”

When it gets to a point where thirty to fifty e-mails a day are normal, Gmail labels can become a life-saver. Today, Google is giving the long time Gmail feature a small makeover in the form of a new drop down menu and some new filters. The new look is indeed “spiffed up,” as Google says, but the new filters are what’s really important. Along with… Read more

Gmail mobile web app finally gets Priority Inbox

Priority Inbox for desk/laptop Gmail was a smash hit when it was launched last summer, and the product has transformed the way millions of people organize and think about their email, including me. For those of you who haven’t tried Priority inbox, the idea is simple: Gmail can predict which emails will be most important to you and raise them to the top… Read more

Gmail gets unread badge and desktop notifications for Chrome

There are numerous ways to display an unread messages badge for your Gmail account on a computer. Personally, I use a Fluid app (based on Safari) and the launch icon in my Mac’s dock features an unread messages badge. Chrome already shows unread message count in the page title for a tab, but if you pin your tabs or have a lot of them open, this… Read more

Google introduces Cloud Print

Available starting today, Google will be rolling out a new service for use with your mobile device and printer that allows you to print any Gmail message and certain types of email attachments straight from the cloud. Simply known as Cloud Print, all you need to do to begin utilizing the service is hit up the setup page found here, register your printer… Read more

Gmail snooper turns up on TODAY show

Yesterday we covered the story of a man named Leon Walker who is facing five years in prison for snooping through his wife’s email. According to Leon, he knew his then-wife’s Gmail password because she kept all account passwords in a notebook next to the computer–a computer Leon used regularly and has gone on to call, “the family computer.” Leon’s… Read more