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Man faces jail time for reading wife’s Gmail

33-year-old Rochester Hills, Michigan resident Leon Walker has been charged with a felony after accessing his then-wife’s Gmail account on their shared laptop, which according to Leon, sat next to a notebook containing passwords for quick account access. Clara Walker filed for and was granted a divorce from Leon, her third husband, after he snooped through… Read more

Google extends free calling in Gmail through 2011

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to test out Google’s calling feature within Gmail, you can do so now by pointing your Windows XP +, OSX 10.4 +, or Linux box’s browser to Google voice and video chat installer. The feature allows you to call your Google contacts from within Gmail by clicking a phone icon next to their name, as seen in the image below…. Read more

Gmail adds the ability to restore contacts to a previous state

If you’re anything like me, you need Google contacts to keep track of the people you talk to. Ever since converting to an all Google lifestyle with the release of the G1, I’ve relayed solely on Gmail for contact management. And why shouldn’t you? It’s by far the fastest easiest way to keep your contacts up to date. Should you add one into your Android… Read more

Gmail’s delegation is great for multiple accounts

A feature that one allowed Gmail users to share access to their mail just got a lot more useful by adding support for multiple accounts. Email delegation lets you designate certain Gmail friends who can read your emails and send from your address. Now, you can assign your own multiple Gmail accounts and toggle rapidly between them without the need to log… Read more

Gmail web app gains 44 new languages for mobile devices

Despite recent, fairly significant updates to the Android Gmail application, the Google Mobile Blog still proclaims that “The mobile webapp version of Gmail (which you can get to by going to gmail.com in your browser) is the best way to get the most Gmail features on your iPhone or Android-powered device.” But the web app was only the best option for mobile… Read more

Gmail for Android gets host of new features

It seems reasonable to assume that an incremental release version, like 2.3.2, would consist of tiny bug fixes, device compatibility tweaks and the like. But the official announcement of Gmail for Android 2.3.2 over at the Google Mobile Blog touts better priority inbox support, the ability to send email from any address configured in the web client, inline… Read more

Video: Motorola tablet running Honeycomb and Maps 5.0

Andy Rubin let loose some great information on upcoming products at the All Things D: Dive into Mobile conference last night. During his interview, he whipped out a dual-core Motorola tablet with NVidia 3D (no name was given, though Stingray seems a likely bet) and it was running Honeycomb, the next major Android release. Rubin used the slick tablet–sans… Read more

Google adds Android theme to GMail

Are you bored with the default Gmail theme? I was when I started using Google’s built-in theme support and their ultra-soothing “Cold Shower” theme a while back. And now, for you Andy fiends out there, they’ve got an official Android theme available for enjoyment. Just sign into GMail, hit settings, themes, and look near the bottom of the list. While… Read more