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Gmail bug affects many Android 2.2 users

Some users are reporting a frustrating bug in Gmail after receiving the Froyo update: while the primary account is functioning as normal, any secondary accounts don’t refresh automatically. Thus, those affected by the bug have to manually refresh their second account. If you’re in this unfortunate group, take a look at the bug entry on Google’s mobile… Read more

Long awaited GMail improvements on deck for 2.2.1

If you had to change or add just one or two features of GMail for Android, what would they be? If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have had a very hard time narrowing the fairly long list of problems I saw in the app down to just a couple of requests. I actually refused to use the native GMail app for the first year after Android was… Read more

Google, what is up with Android’s GMail outbox?

Do you have problems with your outgoing GMail in Android? It happens to me nearly every day lately: I type an email on my Android device, hit send, and mistakenly believe my message has been passed along to its intended recipient when, in actuality, my words are sitting patiently in my outbox; sometimes for days on end. No errors pop up. Unless I check my… Read more