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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Released

While realistic golf games don’t excite me, I know many people like them. Well EA released their PGA Touch 12 on Android for a measly $5. It’s all the golf action you know and love. And if you’re not an avid golf fan, it also includes 20 mini games to test your skills. Should be a fun little distraction. There are many locations, including Pebble… Read more

Leaked Photos Of Little HTC Golf

New images have been taken of the rumored HTC Golf. It was shown off before, in a leaked render. Now it’s being teased in some (not blurry!) photos. The phone was said to be called the Wildfire C, but now they think it’ll be resurrecting the legendary Desire name, being called the Desire C. The Golf is a low end phone, supposedly sporting a 3.2″… Read more

HTC Golf Leaked Press Shot Shows Off Entry Level Android

HTC newest entry-level smartphone running Android 4.0 codenamed HTC “Golf,” thought to launch as the HTC Wildfire C later this year has surfaced courtesy of PocketNow. The Golf rests somewhere below the three members of the HTC One series — although you may notice a few design styles similar to the One series. The Golf is said to have a 3.5″ 480 x 320… Read more

HTC Golf revealed by test photo

A leaked image of the device isn’t the only way to get a chance at learning of a previously unheard of device. In this particular case, we actually have information through a test photograph taken with a previously unheard of device: the Golf. As is usual, the general consensus is that ‘Golf’ is just an internal codename right now, and that this particular… Read more