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Google Play Books Adds Preorders, So You Can…Preorder Books

If you’ve been patiently awaiting the opportunity to preorder books from the Google Play Store, you can now do exactly that. The preorder section within Google Play Books allows you to — order books before they go on sale and have them delivered upon release. Simple, easily and ready for your reading pleasure. Let’s just hope they deliver books better… Read more

Android Market hosts pirated books, quickly removed

We’ve seen all sorts of things turn up in the Android Market, from apps containing viruses to others allowing illegal download of music. A new contender has entered, this time in the form of pirated e-books. Multiple titles of popular series like Harry Potter and Vampire Diaries, as well as 4 novels by Stephen King and another 14 by Patricia Cornwell. All… Read more

Google Books now available in the UK

For those of you in the UK who have been waiting to get their Google Books on, the time of waiting is over. Google has just made it known that the service, which is a real competitor to the likes of the Kindle Bookstore or other eReaders and digital libraries out there. Unfortunately, the service hasn’t been made available to everyone, but it looks like… Read more

Google Books database changes how we analyse printed words

The vast ocean of data in Google’s digitized library of books is ready for your analysis, thanks to Google’s Book Ngram Viewer. The software provides access to a database constructed by scientists at Google, Harvard, MIT, and Encyclopedia Britannica, and contains Chinese, English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish phrases and terms culled from 4% of all… Read more

Google launches eBookstore with over 3mil titles

Google has digitized 15 million books since the launch of Google Books in 2004, and now the Big G has added an “ebookstore” alongside the “research” section, which carries a large amount of free material. 3 million titles are available with hundreds of thousands for sale. A free reader app is available for iOS and Android (2.1 and later) that includes night… Read more