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Samsung Series 5 Chrombooks detailed

When Google announced the retail availability of their new Chromebooks today at Google I/O, they also announced two hardware partners who would be making Chromebooks right out of the gate. The first of those partners, is Samsung. On the Google Chrome website, you’ll find Samsung’s Chomebook without a real name. Amazon, however, is listing several… Read more

John’s top 5 Chrome Web Store entries for music and video

Since receiving Google’s Cr-48 Chrome OS netbook two weeks ago (unboxing, impressions), I’ve spent a fair amount of my time with the device looking for the coolest extensions and web apps. Those you’ll find in the Chrome Web Store range from highly specific apps that are tailored for the Chrome browser on the Chrome OS to icons that are nothing but… Read more

Hexxeh’s “Luigi” to deprecate current Cr-48 BIOS hacks

If you’re one of those techies that just can’t stop tinkering and you happen to have one of Google’s Chrome OS-powered Cr-48 netbooks on hand, you might be interested in an involved tutorial over at The Chrome Source that will ready your ChromeBook for Windows 7 and even OS X. But it is involved; the list of steps includes cracking open the casing and… Read more

Hexxeh introduces Lime series of Chrome OS builds

Those of you that have been testing and tinkering with Google’s Chrome OS since before the launch of their Cr-48 pilot program no doubt have heard of Hexxeh, the hacker behind the famously enhanced version of Chrome OS, Flow and a super-simple USB flash drive boot. Flow featured improved hardware support over Google’s early releases as well as some… Read more

Google CR-48 specs

Is your heart all a-flutter for Google’s nondescript, soft-touch, rubberized Chrome OS notebook, the CR-48? Well, not everyone can get in on Google’s early CR-48 testing program. But we can live vicariously through the lucky ones. So, after you’ve watched PC World’s unboxing video, and read about Geek.com’s “first 48″, check out the new entry for the… Read more

Adobe: Flash video acceleration for Chrome OS top priority

One of the primary complaints of those who have been lucky enough to get in on Google’s pilot test program for their CR-48 Chrome OS nebook has been Flash video performance. Quirks and bugs can be expected at this stage of the game. After all, those with Google’s rubberized notebook in their laps have them for the sole purpose of discovering problems. And… Read more

Dell and Google sittin’ in a tree

Fans of Dell, this is a good sign for you. It’s not every day that the higher-ups in a company are willing to spill a ton of info on how their future is shaping up. Sure they will say how positive things are looking, and how they are working hard to bring you the best overall customer experience money can afford… but that kind of stuff is all talk no… Read more

It’s not an Android

In a recent NYT article, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, was reported to have privately told friends at a party that the Company is currently working of their own tablet computer, and that it will run Android. Others have mentioned that Google is testing the waters with some publishers to work out e-reader content delivery. Somewhere along the line, this new… Read more