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An Upcoming Google Chrome Feature Will Allow You To Sync Passwords Between Desktop And Android Devices

Google is getting ready to add a new feature to its Chrome web browser that will allow users to synchronize passwords between the Chrome browser on their desktop and the Chrome browser on their Android devices. This has been a long overdue feature that has been available for Chrome for iOS for a while now. Chrome’s development team has been discussing… Read more

Google Now Is Making Its Way To The Desktop

Google appears to be working on bringing Android’s Google Now app to our desktops. The information was leaked through a recent code revision, revision 171868, on the Chronium project. The revision stated that there is a ‘skeleton’ framework for showing Google Now cards via the Google Chrome browser. The project is still in its early stages, but when the… Read more

Google Chrome for Android Beta now available for download

Well, that came out of nowhere. But, here it is. Chrome for Android, all in its Beta glory. The application is now available to download in the Android Market, which you can find right here. But, before you get too excited, there is a huge caveat here: you’ll need to have a device that is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to take advantage of Google’s… Read more

Google Chrome 12 stable released

Chrome users will be happy to know that there’s a good chance their browser has already been automatically updated to the newest stable version of the Google Chrome web-browser, Chrome 12, bringing with it a lump of new features to keep you more secure, and enhance your browsing experience. On the security front, Chrome will now scan any downloaded… Read more

Acer Chromebook: Chrome on the low

If you’re looking to plunk down a sizable chunk of change to convert your laptop-lifestyle into a Chromebook one, then the Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks are the way to go. If you’re trying to save a little money, as well as add a little more portability, then Acer has you covered. Announced alongside the Samsung Chromebook today, Acer has come out… Read more

Google unveils ChromeOS-based “Chromebooks”

It looks like all the hard work put into testing and updating those Cr-48 computers has finally paid off, as Google has just announced the retail machines that will be running Chrome OS. They call them, “Chromebooks.” Chromebooks are being touted as a new kind of computer. There’s no internal storage. No programs or unneeded software. No intrusive… Read more