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Chrome extension: exfm

Apart from placing in Business Insider’s top 25 “hush-hush” NYC startups that you need to know about, exfm (formerly Extension FM) hasn’t received anywhere near the amount of attention it deserves. BI blames this, in part, on the product’s exclusivity to a “niche browser” (Chrome is the favorite of DroidDog readers, and by a hefty margin). But more… Read more

Learn a language with this Chrome extension: Polyglot

If you’ve been working seriously on learning a new language for more than a few months, you’ve likely found that a multi-pronged approach yields faster absorption and better retention than a closed approach. It also alleviates the monotony and boredom of hammering away at a single book/tape system. I like to toss as many media types and methods as… Read more

Google Cr-48: Will it Blend?

If you read my post on my first seven days with Google’s Chrome OS powered Cr-48, you might have seen a Chrome OS Internet commercial called “How to remain calm despite what’s about to happen to your Chrome notebook.” The spot depicts Cr-48s undergoing elaborate destruction. One of Google’s top selling points for Chrome OS gear is that all of your data… Read more

Google adds hacked site alerts into search results

For quite some time now Google has offered a helping hand in keeping you safe while browsing. If a website was suspected to contain malware, within search results they would label the link “This site may harm your computer.” You could continue on, and you would be greeted with an extremely intrusive warning page. If you kept going at that point, hopefully… Read more

Google Chrome beta now features WebGL: 3D web!

You may not find many sites featuring fully three-dimensional content on the web today, but soon, you will. And it looks as though Google might be the first to bring access to such content to the masses. All of the big browser companies have been working to standardize and implement 3D technology into their software for the past year. The tech is called… Read more

Video: Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook – Unboxing, setup

With 60,000 free notebooks up for grabs, it seems reasonable to assume that anyone who requested entry into Google’s Cr-48 pilot program on day one of submissions would snag their own unbranded, soft touch black beauty. But I was still pretty thrilled to have one dropped at my door this morning, not having mentioned anything about DroidDog in my… Read more

Google CR-48 specs

Is your heart all a-flutter for Google’s nondescript, soft-touch, rubberized Chrome OS notebook, the CR-48? Well, not everyone can get in on Google’s early CR-48 testing program. But we can live vicariously through the lucky ones. So, after you’ve watched PC World’s unboxing video, and read about Geek.com’s “first 48″, check out the new entry for the… Read more

Chrome event recap: Web Store, Verizon, Cr-48 and more

This has been quite the day for Google and it’s Chrome branded line of products. At the Chrome event that took place earlier today, the present and future of Chrome was discussed in depth and included topics ranging from the newly released Web Store to the first ever Chrome based netbook. Engadget was there to live blog the event, and we’re here to… Read more