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Google Currents Updated With Audio Controls And Playlists

If you’re an avid fan of Google Currents, hope that they don’t kill it you’re in for a treat. The app has been updated with a bunch of improvements, mostly to do with audio. If your editions contain audio, you can now take advantage of playlists and music controls in the notification bar. On top of that, the app will now sync the read status of each… Read more

Google Currents Updated To 2.0, New Sidebar And More

Google Currents is a very nice app, and it has received a very big update, all the way to version 2.0. With the update come a lot of new features. Here’s a full changelog from the Play Store: Edition sidebar – quickly access your editions within categories such as business, sports, etc. Fast scan – Vertical swipe to scan an edition, horizontal… Read more

Google Currents gets updated

If you haven’t downloaded Google Currents, now would be a good time to do so. The search giant has officially updated the application to better suit usability, which is always a good thing for an app. It is the applications first update, so hopefully Google will stay on top of the app and continue to update it quickly. As for the changes brought to the… Read more