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Google Buys Quickoffice, Enhancements To Google Drive Incoming?

Quickoffice is easily one of the most popular productivity apps on the Android platform and it’s about to get a lot more Google-y as the company announces they have acquired Quickoffice. Google just announced via the Google Blog they have officially acquired Quickoffice and will integrate their existing products with Google Apps. Is it… Read more

Google Docs for Android receives large update, now featuring real-time collaboration

Google Docs is getting more impressive by the week, and with this latest update it’s probably one of the most impressive document editors out there. This newest update, which is available now in the Android Market, will bring plenty of changes and improvements to the system, and will bring working in real-time with anyone you want to, whether it be from a… Read more

Google Docs for Android updated to support offline docs

Google has announced this afternoon that the mobile version of the popular Google Docs has an update available. The update is specifically meant for those who want to view documents offline. Of course there are other improvements too, such as improving the overall experience for viewing Google Docs on an Android-based tablet. If you want to view a… Read more

Insync: Google Docs Desktop Sync! [Video]

You may have already heard of Dropbox, a popular cloud-based service that syncs copies of your files to every platform. For months I have been searching for a multiplatform Google Docs based equivalent, and we may have finally found it. Introducing: Insync! This service uses Google Docs storage and syncs files the same way Dropbox did with the webapp,… Read more

Google releases official Docs app

Announced today on the official Mobile Blog, Google has finally released a native Docs app for Android into the Market. Google Docs for Android gives you access to all of the documents stored across your Google account, allowing you to edit from your phone and share with your contacts without ever needing to visit a computer. If you’re looking for… Read more

Google Docs mobile editing now supports 45 languages

As Google and the various services provided by Google continue to gain international popularity, the Big G is always looking to expand on compatibility. Google Docs is one of their most popular products, and the mobile version got a huge international boost today. When visiting Google Docs and using the mobile editing feature on Android 2.2 and… Read more