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Google is proud to announce Google for Weddings

This may seem like some sort of odd joke at first, but I can guarantee you it’s very real. And it makes a lot of sense too. With the assistance of wedding designer Michelle Rago, Google has opened a new web-portal today dedicated to helping you plan your wedding. The site, found at Google.com/weddings, features a slew of Google websites and services… Read more

Google Demo Slam: Epic Docs Animation

For two months, Google’s Demo Slam has pitted videos against one another for the purpose of demonstrating cool technology, fostering creativity, inspiring exploration, and… for fun! Some amazing work has come out of Demo Slam, and we’ve seen lots of share-worthy videos. But every now and then, one pops up that really blows minds and and makes us… Read more

Mobile editing of Google Docs

THe day Android users have been waiting for has arrived! Well, one of the less significant days…and it hasn’t quite arrive, but it will soon–like this week–for those carrying Android 2.2, English: the ability to edit Google Docs on the go has been announced over at the Google Mobile Blog. Modification of text documents, the creation of spreadsheets,… Read more

Google Docs soon to support editing on Android

One of the more frustrating aspects of Android is how little attention Google Docs has gotten. There’s no official app from Google, and the web functionality is very limited. Today, at Google’s cloud-computing conference, Google Atmosphere, the company will tout its success in converting businesses and organizations to its Apps suite of products, and… Read more