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Google Drive vs Dropbox Showdown [Video]

With the recent arrival of Google Drive, there’s no question that the service is similar to the reigning cloud backup king, Dropbox. So how exactly do the two compare? After nearly 20 hours of being on Google Drive’s “waiting list,” we’re in. Here’s the full comparison, with video! Web App Both Drive and Dropbox have web apps that allow you to… Read more

Will Google Drive be entering your life?

Earlier today Google announced its foray into the cloud storage world with the introduction of Google Drive. No, it wasn’t too much of a surprise, considering we’ve heard half of a dozen rumors from half of a dozen “people familiar with the matter”. What it offered wasn’t too much of a surprise either; the 5GB of free storage for storing documents and other… Read more

Google’s Long-Rumored Google Drive Launching Next Week?

I know a lot of us live and breathe using our Dropbox accounts, but what are the chances you could be torn away by the promise of a Google based Dropbox service? Enter Google Drive, the long-rumored Dropbox competitor and a host of new rumors on the upcoming service. TheNextWeb received a draft release from a Google partner regarding Google drive… Read more

Google Drive to compete with Dropbox, provide storage to all

Dropbox has been a huge success, offering cloud storage almost anywhere on a variety of platforms. It has caused the launch of many more start-ups, as well as other companies attempting to enter the same space. Google, one of the kings of the cloud, isn’t going to let them stand alone. A new rumor by the The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google may be… Read more