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Google Earth updated, Earth Gallery now available

Google Earth has proven to be one of Google’s more “just for fun” products, but development is still in full swing. Today an update is being pushed out for Android, and it includes a couple new features. The largest one in question is no doubt Earth Gallery. Here is the full list of what’s new: What’s in this version: New in 6.2: Earth Gallery:… Read more

Google Earth mobile app updated

Own a tablet or phone with a Tegra 2 processor? Had trouble running the Google Earth app? Google finally has a fix for you, as their latest update to the fun world map patches up some bugs that were caused on those devices. The app will not crash anymore, along with a few minor bug fixes. It will be version 6.1.5671, up from version 6.1.  Anyone who’s… Read more

Admire geoglyphs via Google Earth

The work of 6,700 people across thirteen countries in seven continents is yours to behold, thanks to the tour contained in this 3.8MB KMZ file. Open that file using Google Earth, and check under your Temporary Places in the left pane. You’ll be able to take a tour of the 47-part collective work, entitled Rhythms of Life Land Art Project (as seen above… Read more

Near DC? Check out Google’s Liquid Galaxy

Google’s 20% program, which allows employees to devote one fifth of their work time on the projects that inspire them the most, has yielded some fun and interesting projects. For instance, a cloud-controlled Android robot. The latest major project to sprout from 20% is called Liquid Galaxy: a system that runs Google Earth across multiple machines and… Read more

New version of Google Earth optimized for Android tablets

Google announced today the availability of a new version of Google Earth for Android devices running version 2.1 or higher of the operating system. But the most exciting aspects of the release will be evident only to tablet owners running Android 3.0 or above. Google Earth has now been fully optimized to take advantage of the larger displays found in… Read more

It’s almost time to track Santa’s flight around the globe

It’s fairly common knowledge that the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has been tracking Santa’s blitz around the planet with his gravity defying reindeer for decades. But do you know how the whole thing started? Brian McClendon, “Original Google Engineering Elf” establishes the back story over at the Lat Long Blog: NORAD (North… Read more

3D ‘holiday trees’ in Google Earth 6

Google is definitely in the holiday spirit, which means they’re planting cute little messages of joy around the web and even in their apps. Yesterday, Google posted a video on YouTube showing off some of the 3D Christmas trees to be found in Google Earth 6. The video’s PC title is “3D Holiday Trees in Google Earth,” but the classic holiday track “O… Read more

Google Earth updates bring ocean floor, Flash bubbles

Google announced via their LatLong Blog today that their latest update for Google Earth for Android includes accurate maps of the ocean floor – which can be experienced virtually using your device’s accelerometer – and, for Nexus Ones running 2.2, Flash videos in location pop-up bubbles. So, if someone captured a Humpback Whale arching through the air… Read more