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Video: Google Goggles – sudoku world champ

Since it’s inception, the oh-so-much-more-than-a barcode scanning app Google Goggles has shown that’s capable of many marvelous things. From decoding picture labels to reading QR codes, the app does it all. Goggles version 1.3 has just hit the Market yesterday, and yet again the app has some new tricks up it’s sleeve. Among a new and improved… Read more

Google Goggle’s marketing experiment

By now, I’m sure most Android users have taken a moment to see what Google Goggles is all about. Goggles is essentially Googles answer to your average barcode scanning app. Upon scanning barcodes, labels, and other similar items, Goggles analyzes said scan, and presents a series of links Google labels related. Simple enough right? Well fresh from the Google… Read more

Google Goggles: Shoot This

For those that didn’t catch this story on their Mobile Blog, Google has released a cute and clever set of ads for the Goggles app over at their Google Mobile YouTube channel that engage the viewer in a sort of interactive promotion. Videos feature a link to the Google Googles app, help finding the pause button, some sample products for searching, and a dose… Read more