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Google giving out Fishtank Google TV devices for developers

There sure has been a lot of news to come out of this year’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, and a good chunk of it has been related to event loot. Free Tabs, free hotspots, free Chromebooks… I wonder how gratis gear plays into the 59-minute sellout, and how it might affect next year’s ticket sales. Well, there’s one more freebie to… Read more

Honeycomb headed for Google TV this year–preview the UI

Google TV had a bit of a rough start last year, due largely to the fact that a lot of people weren’t sure why on Earth they would need such integration when watching the tube with an old lappy is so comfortable. But the general public is taking note of what universal searching, PIP app access, and Google account employment can do for a lazy afternoon with… Read more

Day 2 of Google I/O yields more free loot

If yesterday’s handout of a 10.1-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab at Google I/O didn’t make you a bit jealous (tickets sold out in under and hour, so don’t kick yourself), this will: today, attendees were given free Verizon LTE hotspot devices and promised a new Chromebook. Though the Chromebooks are not in San Francisco at the moment, they should be available… Read more

Video: Keynote from Google I/O 2011

What a day, ammirite? Android @Home, Google Music, +1, Ice Cream Sandwich, movie rentals, Android 3.1, free 10.1-inch Tabs…wow! And it’s not over yet, folks. If you’ve missed any of the announcements, or know you won’t be able to watch throughout the entire conference, check out our Google I/O 2011 round-up post, which contains an embedded live feed… Read more

Google’s “+1″ voting/sharing system is on deck

In a bid to compete with Facebook’s widely used “Like” system (look about two inches above this text), Google will be launching their +1 button in a matter of weeks. The news comes from today’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, two months after the service was first announced. So, what is +1? Watch this helpful video: +1 will allow web masters… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Google I/O edition on Ebay

Are you angry that you weren’t able to snag a ticket for this year’s Google I/O in the 59 minutes it took before they were sold out? Now be honest: How much of that frustration was generated by the news that this year’s freebie–a common thread and hotly anticipated unveiling at every I/O–was a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1? Well, don’t kick yourself;… Read more

Google I/O 2011 news round-up

This post features a collection of stories generated by this year’s events at Google’s annual developer’s conference, Google I/O. The conference takes place over May 10th and 11th in San Francisco. A great deal of the conference is being live streamed (also embedded above), and you can access the Google I/O session schedule so you won’t miss the… Read more

Android turns attention to home appliance control

I’ve been curious about computer control of home appliances ever since the promising BeOS abdicated its rightful role as a media creator’s best friend and fizzled out in an “appliance control” repurposing. Others have tackled this functionality more successfully through the years, but I personally haven’t found any solution to be all that practical or… Read more

Google launches Music Beta

Here we go, folks. Google’s cloud-based music service is now accepting invitation requests. Go to the Google Music invite page while signed into your Google account, and you’ll get a “thanks for your interest” message, which will eventually be followed up by an invitation in your email. Check out Google Music’s about page for some screenshots and the… Read more