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New Gmail For Android App Leaked In I/O Session

It was rumored that at Google I/O, there would be an announcement for a new Gmail app for Android. Unfortunately, Google had no such announcement in store for us. But they did sneak in a screenshot of the new Gmail upp during their session “Structure in Android App Design.” How kind of them! Looking about 23 minutes in, it shows an example of the… Read more

Google Subtly Teased Key Lime Pie At I/O

We weren’t expecting Key Lime Pie at Google I/O. It was pretty clear that it wasn’t coming for whatever reason. We don’t know whether it was to give manufacturers time to update their devices to 4.2, or they’re working on something big and need more time, but we expected this to happen. However, it seems that we missed a few references to Key Lime Pie… Read more

The Dog Park: Week Of May 13th

What a crazy week! Not only did we get Google I/O 2013, and quite a few surprises on that front, but we also got the release date and price for NVIDIA Shield! The device will launch sometime in June with a pre-order date of May 20th, and it’ll retail for a low price of $349 (well, low for what we expected). Then, with Google I/O, Google took the focus… Read more

Google I/O Recap: It Went Pretty Well!

The Google I/O keynote is finally over. That was a lengthy 3 hour keynote, but it contained a lot of great information. Google announced so many new features, and though none of them were huge (like a new version of Android), they were all amazing and a big benefit to users. Here is a quick recap of what was announced at Google I/O. Google Play… Read more

Play Store Will Soon Have A “Designed For Tablets” Filter

Tablets have long been a bit of an afterthought in the Android world. Tablets haven’t been so popular, and good apps for them have been pretty sparse. Of course, it’s been quickly improving, but Google is now doing more about it. Soon, there will be a new filter called “Designed For Tablets.” This will allow you to see the best tablet apps in each list… Read more

Google I/O Is Tomorrow, Here Is What We Want And Expect

Google I/O starts tomorrow, and it’ll be the biggest three days of the year for the Android world. Hopefully, we’ll see some interesting and cool stuff come from Google, but without any solid info, we don’t know what will it be. Key Lime Pie, or just another Jelly Bean? A new Nexus device? A smart watch? The keynote is tomorrow, so I guess we’ll find… Read more

Samsung And Google Could Announce A New 11″ Nexus Tablet At Google I/O, How Much Bigger Does A Tablet Need To Be?


Google I/O is only a couple short weeks away and information about possible announcements are starting to flow.  The latest tidbit is that Samsung Google will be announcing a new 11″ Nexus tablet.  While the device is yet to be confirmed, here are the rumored specs: Samsung 8-core Exynos 5410 chip At least a 1920×1080 Super PLS TFT… Read more