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Samsung Series 5 Chrombooks detailed

When Google announced the retail availability of their new Chromebooks today at Google I/O, they also announced two hardware partners who would be making Chromebooks right out of the gate. The first of those partners, is Samsung. On the Google Chrome website, you’ll find Samsung’s Chomebook without a real name. Amazon, however, is listing several… Read more

Google unveils ChromeOS-based “Chromebooks”

It looks like all the hard work put into testing and updating those Cr-48 computers has finally paid off, as Google has just announced the retail machines that will be running Chrome OS. They call them, “Chromebooks.” Chromebooks are being touted as a new kind of computer. There’s no internal storage. No programs or unneeded software. No intrusive… Read more

Google’s “+1″ voting/sharing system is on deck

In a bid to compete with Facebook’s widely used “Like” system (look about two inches above this text), Google will be launching their +1 button in a matter of weeks. The news comes from today’s Google I/O conference in San Francisco, two months after the service was first announced. So, what is +1? Watch this helpful video: +1 will allow web masters… Read more

Google I/O 2011 news round-up

This post features a collection of stories generated by this year’s events at Google’s annual developer’s conference, Google I/O. The conference takes place over May 10th and 11th in San Francisco. A great deal of the conference is being live streamed (also embedded above), and you can access the Google I/O session schedule so you won’t miss the… Read more

Google I/O attendees receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Just yesterday, Twitter was buzzing about what attendees of Google I/O would be receiving this year as a special thank you for coming to the conference. The original rumor was that attendees would land a Nexus S of some sort, along with an unnamed tablet. The Nexus S has yet to show it’s face, but the tablet has. Anyone attending Google I/O this year… Read more

Google working to make Android updates better

With every new Android update announced, fear begins to set in after the original excitement of seeing great new features fades away. Will my device be updated? When? Should I just go buy a new one? It’s a problem that has long plagued the Android ecosystem, and Google is finally stepping up to try and deal with it. Sure, releasing Ice Cream Sandwich… Read more

Android Market movie rentals goes live

In the continued assault of great Android related news today, Google has announced a new method for obtaining media to watch on your Android device of choice: Android Market movie rentals. Expected to work on any Android device running 2.2 or higher, by visiting Market.Android.com/movies you can browse movie titles, watch previews, view related… Read more