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Ice Cream Sandwich official, coming Q4 2011

The wait is finally over. Google has announced exactly what Ice Cream Sandwich is, and exactly when it will be available. Starting in Q4, Google will roll out Ice Cream Sandwich to all devices, everywhere. Ice Cream Sandwich will take elements of Gingerbread and Honeycomb, mix them with some new advanced resizable frameworks, camera enhancements, and… Read more

Android turns attention to home appliance control

I’ve been curious about computer control of home appliances ever since the promising BeOS abdicated its rightful role as a media creator’s best friend and fizzled out in an “appliance control” repurposing. Others have tackled this functionality more successfully through the years, but I personally haven’t found any solution to be all that practical or… Read more

Google launches Music Beta

Here we go, folks. Google’s cloud-based music service is now accepting invitation requests. Go to the Google Music invite page while signed into your Google account, and you’ll get a “thanks for your interest” message, which will eventually be followed up by an invitation in your email. Check out Google Music’s about page for some screenshots and the… Read more

What will Google be giving away this year at I/O?

Every year at Google I/O, the Big G gives away at least one shiny new device to every attendee that they can take home and use for development. This year, there’s been a lot of buzz around whether or not the device of choice would be the Nexus S or Xoom, but it looks like those headed to I/O are in luck; it might be both. According to a rumor… Read more

Google releases official I/O 2011 app

Anyone out there going to be attending Google I/O 2011? You personal assistant has just arrived in the Android Market. Made available today by Google, the Google I/O 2011 app is all you need to stay on top of what’s going on during everyone’s favorite developer conference. Not only can you view a schedule of events and research detailed information… Read more

Google I/O 2011 live

Bummed out that you missed that 59 minute window where you could have signed up for Google I/O 2011? Well turn that frown upside down, because if you can’t make it to Google I/O, Google I/O will make it to you. Announced today on the Official Google Blog, Google will be live streaming keynotes and sessions from I/O 2011, along with providing a real… Read more

Google giving away tickets to I/O

Did you miss your chance to sign up for Google I/O 2011? Considering how tickets sold out in the first day, there’s a good chance you did. Well fear not faithful Google fan, Google is about to be running a new contest called Last Call for Google I/O that features “10 developer challenges and 100 chances to win tickets to attend the now-sold-out Google… Read more

Google I/O is already sold out

A tweet from @googleio: Google I/O ’09 sold out in 90 days, ’10 in 50 days… #io2011: 59 minutes. Holy moly. If everything is in order, and no mistakes have been made, holy moly is right. Considering that there was a ton of errors to be found nearly every click of the way through registration, 59 minutes is impressive to say the least. Should… Read more

Google I/O early registration begins

For developers and attendees of the 2010 I/O (Google’s annual gathering in San Francisco where new Google products and ideas are introduced to the world), registration for Google I/O 2011 has begun. The event will take place in Moscone Center on May 10th and 11th, and is expected to sell out very quickly. Eligible early registrants received email… Read more

Google I/O Day 2 Keynote and wrap-up


Google I/O has, once again, come and gone.  Over 5,000 developers descended upon the Moscone Center in San Francisco to learn about the platforms and products that Google has to offer.  There were dozens of sessions spread over the two-day conference.  Both days were kicked off with a keynote.  The Day 1 Keynote focused on HTML5 and the future of the… Read more