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CNN Money / Fortune: Android on Techmate

The CNN Money and Fortune segment, Techmate, has featured a good bit of Android news over the past few days, and I thought it appropriate to embed a few of their videos here. Included are a discussion on Google’s view of the web as it relates to HTML 5 and WebM; interviews with Intel and Logitech CEOs on Google TV’s prospects; and a memorable quote from… Read more

Google I/O Day 1 Keynote and announcements

Google kicked off I/O with the standard issue keynote. The topic today:  HTML5.  What is HTML5?  It’s the next generation of HTML which offers new features, such as:  Offline storage for web apps, drag-and-drop in the browser, and new options for media playback.  When will it be available?  While HTML5 not an official standard yet, odds are you’re… Read more

Can’t make it to Google I/O? Watch it live


By the time you read this, Googlers from all over the world will be lining up to get into the Moscone Center for Google I/O.  Google I/O is a development-centric conference which showcases all of Google’s platforms.  Last week, I posted a list of sessions related to Android.  A couple are cloaked in mystery, but are rumored to be Android 2.2 related. … Read more

Google I/O Android Sessions

Google I/O is just around the corner and there is certainly a lot of buzz around mobile and Android.  Each day has a full track dedicated to Android and there are two Fireside Chats specifically targeting our little green buddy.  The sessions range from beginner to advanced, with three sessions still “TBA”.  I’d be willing to bet that these are reserved… Read more

Google I/O attendees to get phones before conference


Last year, coders went to Google’s I/O not really expecting to receive anything and were suprized with their very own Ion. This year, Google is mixing things up a bit – in part, to speed up the check in process – by sending out Droids and Nexus Ones ahead of time. Devlopers do not have a choice about which phone they will get, but it will allow them to… Read more