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Google Maps Kicked Off Of iOS List Of Stock Apps

This has been rumored for quite a while, but it is now official. Google Maps will no longer be included on any iOS device. Apple has purchased many companies and is using their assets to create their own maps service to rival Google. The Maps app on iOS devices has not exactly been the best app. Apple had designed it with Google’s assets, and the… Read more

Google Maps 6.0 Hands on [Video]

As you’ve probably been made aware by now, Google Maps 6.0 received a massive updated today and is available for free, as usual, in the Android market. The biggest new feature, Indoor Maps, is being rolled out to various retail and transit locations around the world. Here we’ll take a video look at an example of an indoor navigation-ready location in… Read more

Google Maps 6.0 lands in the Android Market

Google Maps keeps getting better and better. Now that the search giant’s mapping service is able to tackle the great outdoors, Google is turning things inward. With Google Maps 6.0, which has recently become available in the Android Market, you now get access to indoor navigation. While that’s great news, the feature is being “staggered” in a way, with the… Read more